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A warm Welcome to Paws2Freedom

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ANA & ELSA FOR ADOPTION (Location Cornwall)
ANA & ELSA FOR ADOPTION (Location Cornwall)

Nutsy twin sisters looking for a home. For more information and their story please visit the girl's page.

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CHARLIE FOR ADOPTION location Cornwall
CHARLIE FOR ADOPTION location Cornwall

Charlie is looking for a very special home. Please visit his page for details.

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A big warm Welcome to Paws2Freedom,

 and a thank you so much for taking a kind interest in our dogs and rescue projects.

We are delighted to have you as part of our lovely Paws2Freedom family as we could not do what we do without our kind and much treasured supporters.

We thought that maybe you would like to know a little bit more about us: 

Helping dogs who need a change of luck is our love and passion. And we have helped some of the most neglected souls anyone can imagine. But there are also dogs who are just down on their luck, because their family's circumstances may have changed so that they cannot take care of their dog any longer.

A number of our dogs have experienced cruelty and neglect and need our help to gain trust in humans again and become the best they can be. We don't believe in putting a dog to sleep because he or she may not be safely rehomable due to behavioural or health issues. Paws2Freedom is a strictly no-kill rescue organisation and such dogs are welcome to live with us as our forever foster dogs  for the rest of their lives.

As our newest way to help we have started offering a therapy dog service as part of our charitable work. We have our first appointment in a local care home this October and will update for you afterwards on our therapy dog page.

But we are only a very small organisation at its beginnings and we are already running out of space and resources. This is one of the reasons why we would like to expand. There are so many dogs in need of a chance. Very sadly they often loose their lives due to lack of rescue space all over the UK. Knowing this is happening every day of the week, it breaks our hearts, because it is not the dog's fault that life has handed them such bad experiences. It is a big part of our mission to make good what humans inflicted on innocent dogs.

As a fairly small organisation we are registered as a small charity with the UK HMRC and it is our aim to grow and help many more dogs. Our HMRC charity number is EW38483. Whilst we are able to benefit from gift aid and tax free donations, as a small charity we are not displayed on the open charity commission register. However, we are currently in the process of applying to be on the commission's public register and in the meantime you can make enquiries about our charity by phone to the HMRC 0044 (0)300 123 1073.

Currently we are working with only a very small group of home fosters as we don't have our own kennels. Something we would like to change so we can help more dogs in dire need of a secure and bright future.  

Being solely volunteer run we rely on donations and help from our kind supporters in order to continue our work. 


Please have a little browse through our website so you can see a bit more of what we do in order to help dogs in the UK and abroad.

To us it does not matter where a dog comes from, if we can help a a soul in need then we will be delighted to. Thank you. 

Your support is essential and will make a lasting difference to dog's lives.

Together we will be their miracle. 

Our fundraisers, volunteers and supporters play a vital part in the work we do to rescue some of the most vulnerable dogs in this world.

We are a small UK based no-kill, volunteer run dog rescue charity, changing the desperate situations of dogs in the UK and Abroad.

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We also welcome your giving via BACS or Standing order to our charity bank account


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43627527 account number

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For international Payments


IBAN GB24 BUKB 20504043627527



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