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About Us

Paws2Freedom is a small HMRC registered, UK-based dog rescue charity. Made up of a family of volunteers and supporters, we are dedicated to changing the desperate situations of dogs in the UK and abroad. We operate a strict no-kill policy, instead preferring to work with the dogs to improve their health and well-being and, if needed, raise funds for surgery and a range of other treatments both curative and palliative to improve their quality of life. In some cases we seek the experienced advice of our dedicated volunteer canine coach. 


The dogs are at the very heart of everything we do here at Paws2Freedom and we help them in many ways:

By saving lives our main focus lies in finding homes for our dogs currently in need of adoption and in caring for our forever foster dogs either in our own home or with dedicated fosterers. Many rescued dogs never find their forever homes and it is important to us at Paws2Freedom to help provide as good a life for them as we can. It is our goal to enlarge our existing facilities to include more dog accommodation so that we can help more dogs in need.

We are helping dogs in need by:

By providing veterinary care.

By rehabilitating physically and/or emotionally traumatised dogs.

By finding homes for our dogs currently available for adoption.

By offering lifelong home foster to those dogs who cannot be rehomed.

By offering a therapy dog service to bring joy and comfort to people.

By supporting spay/neuter programs abroad to help tackle the stray dog problem at source.

By educating people in caring for their rescue dog, teaching people about the importance of spaying and neutering and re-assuring people that rescue dogs are no different to any other dog that has had a challenging start in life.

By providing food and other aid for dogs abroad. By supporting other UK rescues by home checking for them and sometimes supporting a particular of their causes.

By offering transport for dogs to a safe rescue haven.


Our dogs come in all shapes, sizes and ages. From playful youngsters to gentle oldies and the majority are mixed-breeds. Some were once pets that were later abandoned through no fault of their own. Some knew no other life but the terrifying experience of trying to survive on the streets or in an overcrowded shelter.

Most of them are truly happy, friendly characters always ready to trust again and hopeful of having a better life. Some have been through so much trauma that they have fear/trust issues to one degree or another. It is incredibly rewarding for us to work one to one with these souls and see them blossom. Others have only experienced mild trauma or even none at all. All of them are usually willing and able to regain their zest for life and be the happy, loving souls they were always meant to be. Finding homes for them and seeing them at the centre of their very own loving family is the best medicine we can give them and we love being part of making this magic happen for these lucky dogs.

The courage to trust again, the love for life and the willingness to be happy once more, which is something all these dogs have in common, makes each and every one of them our hero. It is you, our amazing supporters, who help us to make all these things happen for our beautiful dogs. Without you, Paws2Freedom would not be the strong, caring family that it is. Without you, these dear souls would stand little chance of knowing what it is to be loved, to be warm, to be able to sleep safely. To be home, for good. If you would like to know more about how you can help Paws2Freedom please click HERE and find out how you can become part of our growing P2F family.   

How it all Began - Spencer's Legacy and Aran's Inspiration

Spencer's Legacy

When the rescue's founder, Susan’s doggy soulmate Spencer lost his battle with cancer in 2011 she was heart-broken. The huge empty paw prints he left behind seemed far too big to ever be filled again. Then, not long after he left this world she felt inspired to realise Spencer's legacy. His paw-prints needed filling again and as they were so huge and empty, one set of four would not do! Wanting to celebrate Spencer's life and let his passing not be in vain, Susan started searching the net.

Her search led her to discover the plight of the dogs in Romania and the story of a dog called ARAN...

Aran's Inspiration

In late 2011 Susan embarked on rescuing her first Romanian dog! The only life Aran had ever known was one of loneliness and slow starvation at the end of a chain. He had never known warm shelter, someone to care for him or any kind of love. He never knew how it felt to be wanted. Susan knew that Spencer would have wanted her to help Aran. The rescue was difficult. Aran’s owner would not agree to letting him go at first, happy it seemed to condemn him to a life of misery, but Susan refused to give up. With the UK quarantine being lifted just a month earlier and with the help of HAR and AAFA, Aran finally arrived home in the UK in Jan 2012!

For Susan this was one of the most emotional and unforgettable moments of her life. It was the greatest joy to see this initially terrified, forgotten soul transformed into the loving, happy soul who grabbed life with all four of his paws and loves every minute of it. Susan’s life was transformed too. The plight of the Romanian dogs had well and truly caught her heart and Spencer’s legacy began to be realised.

Working as private rescue volunteers, alongside some truly inspiring and devoted private rescuers and animal rescue & welfare organisations in both the UK* and Romania, Susan and her friends were able to change the lives of many more forgotten souls like Aran. Support grew and Susan’s vision, of an organisation dedicated to rescue and inspired by her beloved Spencer and Aran, was realised when, in autumn 2015 Paws2Freedom dog rescue charity was founded and officially registered in the UK.

Paws2Freedom, together with our growing family of supporters, sponsors, fosterers and adopters are helping as many dogs as funds and resources allow. We are only a small rescue charity
and we rely solely on donations in order to continue our work for the dogs. Teamwork is at the heart of what Paws2Freedom is. Alone each of us can make little difference, but together we can change the whole world for these wonderful dogs!

Spencer's empty paw prints are so huge that it will take many, many paws to fill them and there is still much room inside his paw prints!

Thank you Spencer for saving so many lives and Thank you Aran for taking us gently by the paw and opening our eyes to dogs like you who endure the unimaginable and are still willing to give us humans a chance.

All those dogs are our heroes for their courage to love and trust again.

*A special thank you to BARK rescue kennels in Retford for helping us re-home so many of our sponsored dogs in previous years when we didn't have rescue space available! You guys are amazing.

Hello ~ Please Come on in and Meet the Team

Founder & Trustee Cornwall therapy dog assessments and visits, fundraising, adoption and foster co-ordinating, aid organizing, dog transport organizing, fostering, home checking and admin


Trustee Cornwall therapy dog assessments and visits, fundraising, dog transporting, fostering, home checking and admin


Trustee Isle of Wight, fundraising, admin, home checking and fostering


Cornwall volunteer fundraising, admin, home checking and fostering


Cornwall volunteer foster mum, admin and fundraising


Volunteer Cornwall Experienced Canine Coach


Volunteer Cornwall, Dog Trainer, Home checker, Fundraising and Events


Volunteer Cornwall Foster mum, dog trainer and rehabilitation

Love for Dogs knows no Borders
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