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Hello wonderful dog lovers and welcome to Paws2Freedom’s

album of beautiful dogs looking for their forever homes.

They are all available for adoption. Some of them are already safe in foster here in the UK, whilst others are still waiting abroad with so much hope for their chance of catching the eye and heart of their very own person. Could it be you?


Our friendly team at Paws2Freedom will take you through every part of the adoption process: from helping you to find your perfect companion to offering you support and advice throughout your dog’s life.

If you have fallen in love with one of our beautiful dogs we would be delighted to hear from you.

You can contact us right here on our page with any questions you may have.  

How does it work and how much does it cost?

At Paws2Freedom we are able to rehome dogs nationwide. However, we give strong preference to adopters in the

area where a dog is fostered, hence we will try to find the perfect home for any dogs in the area where it is living first. Every adoption is subject to a successful adoption application which is followed by a

home visit from one of our volunteers.  Wherever possible we encourage for your family and other pets to meet the potential new addition to your lives after the vetting process is successfully completed.


We consider applicants living in flats, rented accommodation (with written landlord's permission provided), without direct access to gardens, no gardens, mature ages (no upper age limit) and families with children. It is most important to us that we find the perfect home for the dog. When it comes to families with young children it may take a bit longer to find a match as safety is predominant and not all dogs are suitable. Within our guidelines we are unable to rehome young dogs to people of quite advanced age. It is our philosophy to assess each application individually and meet all of the family and pets in person wherever possible. This is very important in our decision to rehome our dogs as it will be beneficial for everyone involved.


Once the home assessment was successful we encourage a meet & greet with you and your chosen dog before you take him/her home with you.  

All being well you will be asked to pay an adoption donation of £350 and £150 for older dogs (age 10 plus). Sometimes we have dogs who need to be rehomed together and we will only ask for a combined adoption donation of £450 to include both dogs. This is not a purchase price but a donation to help towards the rescue costs of your dog and to enable us to continue the vital rescue work we do. The adoption donation rarely covers our costs, but it helps a lot towards what we do to improve the lives of dogs who really need our help.  If you dog comes from abroad a pet transport fee would be payable in addition. 

The final stage before your dog can join his/her new family is for you to sign an adoption contract. 

If, as is the case with some of our dogs, your chosen dog is being fostered or lives in a shelter abroad, we will arrange for a reputable pet transporter to bring your dog to the UK. More often than not the dogs come to us first, even though some adopters like to collect their dog directly from the holding kennel where they stay during their 48 hours of mini quarantine in the UK.  If collecting direct is something we all agree on adopters are often required to travel a distance to a designated meeting point/kennel where they collect their new dog.

Depending on available travel dates and arrangements discussed with you, we aim to organize for your dog to arrive in the UK within 4-8 weeks after the home check has been passed. 

All our dogs from abroad are covered by the TRACES scheme, which means everything can be traced back from their location and vet abroad to their arrival destination in the UK. We always comply with the strict UK dog import regulations and your dog will arrive with all the required legal import papers and valid passport, which includes the dog's details as well as vaccination stamps.

Once your dog has arrived it will be required to register the dog's microchip to the UK which is something we will take care of free of charge and can take a few weeks. We will register the dog into our name and location until after the home trial period of 28 days is over. Once it is assured that the dog stays in your home we will transfer the details into your name and address.  It is important for the dog to wear a collar ID tag at all times. 

All our dogs are neutered (if age and health allow), microchipped, fully vaccinated and if from a different country also blood tested for the most common diseases.

If you would like a specific test to be done please let us know and we will ask for its availability. 

We always rehome our dogs with full rescue back up for life. This means should problems arise we are here to help and if they cannot be solved or should circumstances change your dog will have a place with us in foster.  Or if they are elderly or can for some reason not be rehomed we will offer them sanctuary foster in our home or in the home of one of our team.


We also have experienced adopters standing by who would gladly share their experiences with you and you will also receive an invitation to join our Friends and Adopters group on Facebook where you can ask us anything you'd like about your dog or dogs in general as well as share your own expertise and wisdom. Our very experienced canine coach will always be very happy to help you FREE OF CHARGE with any challenges or questions you may have. 


Our philosophy is that 'Rescue is not only a word, ... it's a Promise' and a part of that promise is ours to you, our future adopters, that we are here for you whenever you need us.


We are looking forward to meeting you and we would like to say a heartfelt thank you from all of the team here at Paws2Freedom and from the doggies themselves, for considering being that special someone for a Paws2Freedom dog ♥ 

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