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Dear Paws2Freedomers, 

Most of us are following what’s going on in the Ukraine with sheer horror and disbelief. The atrocities of this war are just too heartbreaking for people and animals alike. People had to flee their homes and either had to abandon their companion pets or took them along not knowing how they would find means to care for them. Some of the animals were in loving foster homes or housed in a rescue shelter with hope of finding new homes. Others are living as strays in need of food, water and medical care. Animals and the people looking after them are now in absolutely dire need of someone helping them over the scarcity and uncertainty that this war inflicted on far too many Ukrainians.

Thankfully there are some organisations who are helping to make a difference by supporting shelters and animals with food and medical supplies. The task of helping them is absolutely massive and by now sadly also long term. Even if the war would end today, the plight would still continue for a very long time after. Just too much damage has been done.

We are only small but we truly feel for the people and animals affected by this cruel war and we are helping in any ways we can.

You already helped us with our aid appeal which was very successful (more than a whole lorry load!) and it really made a difference. We are truly grateful to you for the wonderful response we had. Sadly things have changed and complicated logistics make aid transports to the Ukraine now cost in-effective. Therefore, in order to source and purchase supplies closer to the war zone we are looking to raise funds to pass on to those who are helping directly in the Ukraine.

We have chosen to give our support to Nowzad who are now a registered charitable fund in the Ukraine (well done guys!) and are starting their long term rescue project over there. What we love about Nowzad is that they are experienced in war zone animal rescue, well organized, transparent and most of all dedicated to their causes. We met some of their team, including Pen and they are just amazing!

Let’s do this and make a difference once again. Because we can!

With much love and gratitude for all your amazing support ♥

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