Both girls will be able to travel to the UK once a suitable home has been found, funds have been raised and pet travel commences again. 


Size: 50 cm approx

Sex: female

Age: 5 years approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Temperament: friendly / very active

Child friendly: yes in all likelihood, but will be looking for a home without resident children

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: not tested

Behaviour/Training needs: not assessed, but have only ever known life in the shelter

Housetrained: not tested

Blood tested: will be tested for heartworm, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis and lyme disease before travel

Ready to travel: yes, as soon as a home has been found and funds are raised

Current Location: BARK ARK Shelter Bosnia, will travel once a suitable home has been found, funds are raised and pet travel becomes available again. 


Hello, our names are Ana & Elsa and we would like to tell you our story.

We are two beautiful medium size sisters living at the Bark Ark Shelter in Bosnia after our life started as two throw-away-pups. When we were only little babies when we were discarded onto the streets like rubbish. Nobody wanted us or helped us while we were trying to survive on the streets. It was very traumatic for us and we had no idea where our mum was. All we had was each other to cling to. We were so scared. It’s a really bad memory for us. We felt lonely and confused. And there was nothing to eat or drink!

Our lucky day arrived when Bojan’s kind wife saw us and took us into foster. We were really young back then, cute and full of hope (see our puppy pictures in our album)... but sadly nobody offered us a home. We grew up and once old enough we came to live in the big Bark Ark Shelter. It’s very, very busy here and there is never enough attention to go around for all of us. We grew up here into the adult dogs we are today and have never experience much of life at all. The years went by and we waited and waited, always hoping… but nobody ever came for us. We lost hope. After over 4 years in here we are now long termers at the rescue shelter… wondering if this is all there is for us in life. It’s all we have ever known, but then we have heard Paws2Freedom have spotted us and they want to help us change our lives. We will be living in a far away country called England. They say it’s really nice there and people love dogs like us. We cannot wait to go and pray that someone will offer us a home together as we have never been apart.


To make this chance happen for us we need your help to raise the travel and preparation funds for both of us which will be around £500 each. We know times are hard, but can we ask you to donate a little bit for us please, please, pretty please? No donation is ever too small and every penny brings us a little step closer to fulfilling our dream. If you mark your kind giving with ‘Ana & Elsa’ your donation will be put aside for us for travel preparations and pet travel all the way to the new land. You would really help us change our lives and we would be ever so grateful to you, our guardian angel, for helping us.

And/or if you would like to apply for giving us our forever home, please complete an application form as a first step. But please bear in mind that not much is known about us at this stage and that we never have experienced home life/life as you know it in the UK, so you would therefore need to be realistic in your expectations and at this stage it will not be acceptable for us to be rehomed with young children or cats as Paws2Freedom hasn’t had the chance to assess us yet and both girls needing a lot of focus on them. 

We thank you with all our hearts and fluffy paws, love ~ Ana & Elsa ♥


We also welcome your giving via BACS or Standing order to our charity bank account


Barclays Bank


43627527 account number

20-50-40 sort code

For international Payments


IBAN GB24 BUKB 20504043627527