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Baby owning the sofa

Hello My Name is Baby! 

I am a Paws2Freedom Sanctuary Dog,

... and this is my Story ... 

Baby was found in Feteni High Kill Shelter, a totally broken little soul.

The struggle for survival in kill shelters is brutal and a frightened girl like Baby stood no chance. The stronger dogs took what little food became available and Baby was close to starving to death.

We pulled her out with the help of a volunteer who worked in the area. Baby was one of the first to get out of there alive. Today there are more organisations helping the dogs and more are getting a chance to live a happy life.


We found a home foster for Baby some distance away, where she was assessed and we were told that Baby was a dog without hope. That she would never be normal. She screamed whenever anyone went near her, let alone touch her.


But we could not and would not give up on her. With the help of a very kind transporter she was able to make the journey to us. She was extremely shy when she arrived, but within just a few days she started to bond with us and allowed us to groom her. Today we can touch her without too much of a problem, although she lets us know when she has had enough by simply moving away and gives her fellow dogs a little scream if they get too much for her.

Baby has been with us for many years and is now and older and much more balanced girl of about 13 years old. 


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