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Rehomed on 29th October 2018

Bailey's first day in his new home ~ Thank you so much Michelle & Robert x

Bailey's story.


This is Paw2Freedom dog BAILEY and he is looking for his very own Forever Home.

A very beautiful medium - large size romanian shepherd cross oldie of about 11 years. Bailey is desperate for his retirement home or home foster. Beautiful, gentle Bailey is desperate to be truly wanted.


Here with us he has been living in his own house and little garden since late spring. We take him out a few times per day, but we wish for so much more for this adorable oldie. We love him dearly, but we would like to see him live out the rest of his life in a loving home either adopted or fostered. Somewhere warm, loving and dedicated to him. Have you seen his house and how we built it? We invite you to look at his other page too. Please click here.


Poor Bailey was found by the side of a motorway with an iron collar around his neck, suggesting that Bailey lived at the end of a chain most of his life which would have been very restrictive on many levels to say the least.

Bailey loves to run a bit each day, feel the grass under his feet and cuddle with humans. This is when he is at his happiest. 


Bailey is totally and utterly affectionate with humans and craves their company.


Due to his previously restricted life, Bailey has never been socialized or trained well from an early age.

He can be grumpy with other dogs at first and needs slow and patient introduction, but is usually fine after that. We would not recommend to leave Bailey unsupervised with another canine. In fact we would give preference to a home without other pets and no children or older children where most of the attention would be reserved for Bailey. He truly deserves this after the life he was forced to lead most of his advancing years.  

Bailey spent a year in special foster in Bucharest where they socialized him with many other dogs and his behaviour is now greatly improved. After his arrival in eh UK when we took him for his vet check up in Launceston he did not react much at all to the other dogs in the waiting room and he even had a friendly nose to nose with a labrador. 


Bailey is such a lovely dog who loves to please his humans. Having said that, Bailey is suffering from impaired hearing and eyesight challenges due to old age. This may make training more specialized. Here we have an enclosed field which he loves and walk times are therefore very relaxed and care-free. If someone in our area falls in love with Bailey we would be delighted to offer our field for off lead walk time if needed. 


Bailey has never lived in a home before. So we took him into a cottage a few times to test how he would behave and also his house training. We were very encouraged to see that he did not scent-mark in any place. In our opinion, regular outings would prevent any accidents. But a degree of kind and gentle house training may be required. Being a romanian shepherd cross he is not a small dog, so adopters need to be prepared for this initial hick up on the house training. This may or may not happen. Here he lives in a kennel and even in there he does not like to mess. Neither inside or outside which is very good to know. Bailey is a very clean dog here.


When Bailey arrived he spent some months in boarding kennels and we had him vet checked. They did not find anything wrong with him apart from being a bit under weight which has now been addressed. Bailey loves his food. A few months later it was noticed that he had feces caked on his back end, so it was decided to cut away the fur to inspect the area. It revealed a swelling which was diagnosed as a pereneal hernia. With a slight adjustment to his diet he is now a happy boy again and on recommendation of our vet we have decided to not opt for surgery which is quite risky and has a fairly high failure rate too. However, we wanted to rule out any underlying nasty causes and make sure that his condition is just an age related weakness. So we took Bailey in for x-rays and ultra sound which confirmed that the hernia had no worrying underlying causes. 


For any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact Paws2Freedom through here or through our Facebook rescue community page. Bailey's foster/adoption will be subject to a successful application, home check, reduced adoption donation for oldies of £125 (not if you are fostering) and contract. Homes/Foster in the local area are preferred. Thank you x 

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