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A House for Bailey! 

NOV 2018: Bailey is now happily rehomed and we are looking to fill his space soon. Donations towards helping more souls in need. Without your help we are not able to continue our vital rescue work. Huge Thank you for your Help with Bailey. It made a massive difference to this adorable oldie! The woofers need you! 

Hello Folks, as you might know our Bailey has been in boarding kennels for quite some time now and our charity is finding the costs a big strain. Also due to health issues in the past months we are not able to visit or take Bailey out as much as we would like to. 

The solution: Bailey needs to come to us! 

With some luck he will find a suitable home from here. Bailey was an outdoor dog all his life from what we know and has only ever lived in a kennel. He has never lived in a home before and we are hoping that over time we may be able to integrate him enough so that he can come and live in the house with the others or at least one or two of them for company.


Sadly, Bailey due to his history as a chain dog, is not too great with his own kind and needs supervision when in a group of dogs. This, combined with his age (approx 11) and also his perineal hernia (a hernia of the pelvic floor) which needs managing with diet, has resulted in him not finding a home yet. Even though he is just a darling with his humans and beautiful looking. Maybe from here he will find a home.  We sure hope so. If not, then P2F will have another sanctuary dog. Time will tell for this lovely oldie. And in the meantime we will do the best we can for him. 


Until we have raised the funds to build better kennels (see our Kennel Project dream) we have decided to build a temporary one for Bailey as the quickest solution. We have accessed the derelict part of the garden in our new location and started building. Lots of clearing to do! Our aim is to build fast and with hardly any costs, if we possibly can.


On Sunday 29th April we have made good progress already. We will work on the kennel during the week too as and when we can next to our other commitments. Hopefully very soon we can get Bailey out of boarding kennels! 


Bailey's kennel will have a 2x2m indoor quarter with sleeping snug and mesh for him to look out of on dry days. Which will be sealed with a perspex panel on rainy days and nights. The walls will be insulated. There will be a small veranda on two sides of his kennel and he will have his own garden space which will be securely fenced off. The kennel will be built from pallets, concrete posts (used as a base) and other materials we have. Here a slideshow of the progress so far.... 


In the meantime if you could possibly help us with his costs in boarding we would be ever so grateful. We really need your help please. The next invoice is due and are calculated on a daily basis for him. We are looking to raise £350-£400 to cover his current invoice and the days until we can take Bailey out. Which we are planning to do on Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th.

Please help us? 


We are currently running a Facebook auction in aid of Bailey in our Fundraising Group. Please consider joining us.


Bailey's House step by step



We also welcome your giving via BACS or

Standing Order to our charity bank account


Barclays Bank


43627527 account number

20-50-40 sort code

For international Payments


IBAN GB15 BARC 2050 4043 6275 27

24th July 2019
Do I get my house soon?
Do I get my house soon?

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Gosh! Lot's to clear still
Gosh! Lot's to clear still

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Thank you!
Thank you!

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Do I get my house soon?
Do I get my house soon?

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First Kennel video in very early stages.

Bailey's story.

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