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Currently still abroad and will come to us for rehoming once travel can be arranged. Sadly we are unable to make a rehoming decision until we have met Barley here.

Currently in a private shelter in Bosnia waiting for travel preps and travel to resume. Barley will be coming to us for assessment and rehoming.


Size: 30cm approx shoulder height

Sex: male

Age: 1 approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Temperament: very friendly and very active

Child friendly: in all likelihood yes

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: not tested

Behaviour/Training needs: to be assessed

Housetrained: not tested

Bloodtested: will receive 4DX test before travel

Ready to travel: yes

Young Barley’s story is an only too common one in Bosnia. The story of an abandoned street dog. We don’t know anything for certain about his beginnings, but in all likelihood he was either born on the streets of Modrica or was one of an unwanted litter of throw away pups who managed to survive against all odds. He was roaming the streets in search of food, shelter and love. Always hoping… and always in danger of not seeing the next day. Street dogs like Barley are regarded a nuisance by many or vermin even by some. They are at high danger of being killed either by a car or by people’s evil means.


Someone alerted Bojan who went to catch this unfortunate young soul and bring him to safety in his shelter called Bark Ark. Barley was finally safe! He had a chance. The first real one in his young little life. But the shelter is very busy, noisy and hectic and for months he kept waiting to be picked until Bojan showed him to us and our hearts just melted. What a darling little doglet. We were smitten as soon as we saw his picture.


Like any young dog he is very lively and the little scampy wouldn’t even hold still for the photos. We are so excited to meet him when the time comes. This is Barley’s chance. His chance of his very own forever. His chance of being truly wanted and loved. His chance of never fearing for his safety ever again. Barley will come to us here in Cornwall and will be looking for his home in our area or Devon. Isn’t he just too cute? 

Barley will come to us here at Paws2Freedom over the coming weeks/months once logistics and resources allow. He will be looking for his very own forever home here in our area of Cornwall/Devon.


If in the meantime you would like to help Barley with your support, he would welcome your kind donation and love.

Thank you for reading Barley’s story. He sends you love and friendly nose nibbles. 

For more updates on Barley please follow him on his page here or on Facebook where we will post updates as soon as they become available. 

With love, gratitude & paws from Barley and P2F ♥




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