Size: JRT x Parsons - small toy breed size

Sex: male 

Age: 11, but acts like a youngster

Temperament: very lively, bouncy and energetic; anyone who meets Billy would never guess his age. Very playful. Loves cuddles and attention. 

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes 

Child friendly: good with children, but hasn’t lived with them before. Looking for a home with older children (14+) or no resident children. Visiting children will be fine.

Dog friendly: yes, would like to live with other dogs. 

Cat friendly: yes, has lived with cats before when he was younger

Very good recall and can be let off the lead once a true bond has been formed and great at sit. Loves his food and treats. Great at catching food which is just as well, as Billy can sometimes forget his manners and snatch. Loves to run and play, but is also the king of sleeping. 

House trained: yes 

Health Checked: passed his health check, been wormed and needs booster vaccination on 4th March


Current Location: Saltash/Cornwall


Hello, my name is Billy and I am a massive personality in a small body. I came to Paws2Freedom into home foster because my mum had some difficult life changes which made it, even with the best will in the world, impossible for her to look after me any longer. With a very heavy heart she had to let me go to a new home. So here I am. I have been with Paws2Freedom now for 2 weeks and am ready now to find my very own forever home.


I may be 11, but when meeting me you would never guess. People always think I am much younger as I don’t act my age at all. I am lively, bouncy, energetic, playful and can walk for absolute miles. My sister made it to 21 years old and hopefully I still have many more moons to enjoy too. They call me the pocket rocket and I proudly live up to my nick name. They also call me the king of sleeping which I certainly am. I like to sleep under the blankets and love to feel all cosy and wrapped up. Sleeping is my other passion next to playing and eating.

Yep, that’s me, in a nutshell. Don’t you think I am just really lovely?

My perfect home would be one where my new people could spend lots of time with me as I love lots of human attention. I also love my own kind and a home where there is doggy company for me would just be amazing. I currently live with 2 other dogs, both girls, and I love it. Older dog savvy children (14+) or no children would be best for me. Visiting children would be no problem if supervised. I like to live a bit more rural and quiet rather than in a town centre or on a busy area.


If you think you could give me my absolute perfect home please don’t hesitate to contact Paws2Freedom. I know they would love to hear from you. In the meantime I will happily enjoy my life in my foster home here in Saltash.


Dogs like me always come with some costs for transport, food, vet, supplements and any gear that we need. If you would like to help Paws2Freedom with their rescue work please donate a little for dogs like me so that this little rescue can keep on going and do what they so passionately love doing for dogs in need.

Thank you with all my heart for your help and reading my story. Love ~ Billy ♥


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