Now Adopted (27th August 2019)

Dear Paws2Freedomers, 

we would like you to meet Bondi. 

He is a beautiful, friendly and energetic Brittany Spaniel of 9 years (10 in September 2019) old. Bondi was home fostered short term on the Isle of Wight and is now with Paws2Freedom in Launceston since 14th July. 

Bondi is up to date on his vaccinations, micro chipped and neutered. Bondi's tail has been docked at some point in his life and the little thing does not stop wagging. Bondi just loves life. 

Bondi is reasonable on his basic training, but his recall and lead walking needs further work. Future adopters would have to be prepared to continue his training so that Bondi can enjoy exercise off the lead. But he is a smart boy and in our opinion will learn fast. However his breed traits may well take over at times. Bondi just loves to sniff our a trail he discovers! It may not be possible to let Bondi off lead for some time yet and we would be over the moon if his new family had a good size secure garden for him to run around in and be trained. 

Bondi is reactive (frightened) of loud noises and fireworks. Hence not suitable to be a working sporting dog/ gundog.

This lovely dog was rescued about 7 years back in France through the RSPCA. Sadly due to a change in circumstances his previous family was unable to keep him any longer and signed Bondi over to us. 

We have spent a bit of time assessing him inside his previous home, out on a walk and inside one of our volunteer's home to find out how Bondi reacts to other dogs and cats. What we found was that Bondi is generally good with other dogs, even though his previous owner cautioned that he may take a dislike to some if they are too full on or just because he does not like a dog. We arranged for Bondi to meet 3 of our previously rehomed dogs.  All 3 were medium to large sized female pooches. And he was absolutely fine with our adopter's dogs as you can see in the photos. He was also fine with Archie, the dog Bondi shared his initial short term foster home with. Outside, he likes to go up to other dogs wagging his tail he just wants to play, however in his new foster home during a walk he did react with lunging at a couple of the dogs they were passing and they happened to be small size dogs. He met a little Westie during his transport to us and was totally fine with her. Given all this we assume that Bondi may perhaps prefer female dogs. Here with us he is just really curious about the other dogs and wants to meet them all. 

Bondi has a very friendly nature and enjoys the company of people of all ages. 

Bondi currently enjoys a diet of cooked meat, veg and rice and loves it.

Sadly it is questionable how Bondi would be with a resident cat. He has been known to chase cats inside and outside a home and has also reacted with a full on chase to the cat in our volunteer's home when we assessed his compatibility with cats. Hence we would prefer a home without cats for Bondi. 

We would like to see Bondi in a settled home where he would be able to enjoy a lot of love, attention and care for the rest of his life. 

Even though he has lived with children before, at his age we would prefer a more quiet yet active home, possibly with older children as this will be his home for however many years he may have left. Visiting grandchildren for example would of course be fine. His breed has been known to live to about 13-16 years.

If you are interested in adopting Bondi, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat. It would be lovely to hear from you. 

Bondi's location is on the outskirts of Launceston and he would be looking for a home in Cornwall/Devon. 

Adoptions are subject to a successful application, followed by a home visit, adoption contract and in Bondi's case an oldie adoption donation of £125 to enable us to continue our rescue work. 

Thank you from Bondi & Paws2Freedom!

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