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BUDDY -  Pulin Cross (Balkan Collie)


Pulin Cross (Balkan Collie)

Size: petite med size, approx 50cm

Sex: male

Age: approx 1 year

Neutered: yes

​Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Extremely enthusiastic about life and wants to live it at 180 mph
Being so young and very excitable Buddy needs to learn how to focus which he is not finding so easy.  

Buddy is a very friendly, seeking cuddles and attention, super intelligent and he is submissive with people.

Buddy absolutely loves humans and wants to please them. He is very smart and quick and has a great potential for learning.

Confident and happy character in general who likes to explore new situations.

Especially responsive to assertive, kind and loving people who make the effort to understand him.

Dusica, the lovely lady where he was fostered in Bosnia describes him as young, cheerful, funny and sweet. A young dog who quite simply doesn't understand yet, but is willing to learn.

Loves to play and race a round. His UK foster mum tried him with a ball and Buddy really enjoyed that. In her words 'who needs a jaw?' This dog is just so amazing!

Child friendly:
Yes, but only older teenage children would be considered as he is highly energetic, fast and jumpy. He would unintentionally hurt a small child.

Dog friendly:
yes, but can get a bit jealous at times. He was sharing his room with 4 females while in Bosnia and got on with them really well.

In the UK we experienced some dogs not being too happy with his very fast and erratic ways. 
Also they most likely pick up on him looking a bit different and not being able to express normal facial body language and therefore not being as easy to read. It can take some dogs a little longer to accept him and he is not very popular sadly. 

Buddy is just really playful and full on. A young dog who needs to learn some manners and will calm down over time. 

Some dogs are ok with him first off and others are not so not keen as he can be quite 'in their face' in his eagerness to play. 

Buddy is not a fighter though at all. In his current foster home for example one of the dogs wasn't so taken with Buddy and he just accepted that and went off to do other things. He kept trying but when she wasn't willing to play he just thought 'ok then - be like that, I will just do something else then'. He did not express any dominance in any way. However, some dogs he does try to hump sometimes. 

Would he like to live with another dog? Yes he would very much so if the dog would be accepting of him. We would be looking for the right dog in temperament and age. Preferably a female as he loves the ladies :) 

One thing that future adopters have to bear in mind is that Buddy could not defend himself as he cannot nip or bite. Hence would not be safe to live in a bigger gang of dogs. 

Cat friendly:
Sadly he really does not like them. Buddy goes into a barking frenzy and wants to chase whenever he gets a glimpse of one. So it has to be a cat free home please for this spirited young boy. Or someone experienced and sensible enough to help him with this. However, he may never be a cat friendly dog which is a distinct possibility as some dogs just are not cat friendly ever. 

He also doesn't seem to be keen on livestock, but has already started to mellow a bit on that. Like with most things and patience will be the key.

Behaviour/Training needs:
He will need general training and basic obedience commands, because as a street dog Buddy has not been taught such things.
He walks quite well on the lead already and responds to his name, but still has a long way to go.

Buddy is reactive to bikes, cars and motorcycles and barks at them with passion. He is already getting better with that, but still has a fair way to go with that too. Maybe it's because many dogs in the Balkans don't like bikes of any kind as too many people on them tend to kick at the dogs. So the dogs start to associate bikes with pain. Or maybe he is just thinks... it moves - it needs to be chased off. Maybe lead restriction plays a big part in this as well. We don't know for sure at this point, but once trained and bonded with a person he will be easier controllable.

Please take a look into the Pulin breed and how they work with livestock as it will explain his behaviours and also the type of bark which is a trait of this breed. There is lots of information online and on Facebook too. There are different types of Pulins and a lot of Bosnian stray dogs are cross breeds like Buddy.

Buddy has been introduced to home life and lives indoors. He is ok with household appliances.

Buddy is used to sleeping in his crate and likes it as his safe space.

has had major reconstructive surgery and has lost his upper jaw. 

Buddy is breathing ok except that he tends to sneeze a lot. This he does out of excitement as we experienced here in the UK with him, but the Bosnian vet explained that there is absolutely nothing left of his lower sinuses and breathing airways. Buddy therefore has 2 little holes reconstructed to breathe through which he keeps clear by sneezing a lot and he can sometimes have food stuck there which triggers a sneeze reflex too. 
At times Buddy's new nostrils can get a bit snotty and his eyes a bit weepy which is now part of his life. 

Buddy has adapted very well and can eat almost normally. His reconstructed nostrils sadly make tin food mush not a good option. Buddy copes best with dry food and cooked meat and veg which he absolutely adores. Dusica his foster mum in Bosnia gave him one home cooked meal a day and Buddy totally loved it. It was one of the highlights of his day. She also added a bit of vegetable soup to his dry food for extra flavour, but didn't let it soak to mush. He loved that too. 
His UK foster mum is feeding him on kibble mainly and is adding cooked meat like chicken as an extra too. 
It would be really lovely for Buddy if his future adopters would be able to continue that. Buddy has been through hell and back and we would like to see him enjoy as many of life's pleasures as possible.

House trained: Yes

Blood tested: tested negative for brucellosis canis, leishmans, heartworm, lyme disease, anaplasmosis and ehrlichia before travel.
Passed his health check in Bosnia and also his UK vet check too. 

Location: Cornwall

​Ideal Home:
Rural and quiet would be ideal. Buddy will never be a town dog. He needs space and his  piercing bark when it happens may not be appreciated by some neighbours. Having said that, Buddy is certainly not an excessive barker at all. He only barks for a reason and never for long. 

He needs sympathetic adopters who will take the time to understand him and his breed. Like our border collies here in the UK Pulin dogs are bred to work. They are speedy and have high energy levels. Pulins need space, are active, often a bit nutsy and love to run free. Like all collies, they need activities which channel those breed traits or they will get frustrated in time. Best suited for active homes which is what Buddy needs.

Whoever takes Buddy into their heart and home will also need to keep in mind his past. A young dog on the streets, fending for himself on the streets where there would have never been enough of anything, be it love, kindness or food. In his young life Buddy would have met all the cruelties that cannot be imagined and in the end being shot in the head, left to die and then .... operation, pain, being an in-patient for a long time and kept on cage rest. 
A dog like Buddy will need patience, tolerance and requires a home where people are willing to adjust around his needs. 

Buddy's progress will have to happen at his pace without pressure. He will need a home where people don't have many expectations which would put too much pressure on him. He is already a super dog and needs time, love and patience to become the best he can be.

Any new information will be added during Buddy's time in foster. His profile is based on what is known so far (last updated 10.11.2022)

Rescue Story:
Buddy was found on the streets of Bosnia by a lovely girl who spotted his suffering. Buddy had been shot in the head and left to die. The dog loving girl, Andrea, alerted Bojan from the Bark Ark rescue shelter who wanted to give Buddy a second chance. He took him to the best vet he knew, Bojan Lukac, who did amazing reconstructive surgery on this wonderful dog. Buddy is one of life's heroes who taking the new him in his stride, just as if nobody told him that he has lost his upper jaw! He has come through so much and is going from strength to strength. We hope you have watched his videos which are testament to this beautiful dog's mind-blowing will to live and to enjoy life no matter what. Amazing!

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