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The True Hero



BUDDY -  Pulin Cross (Balkan Collie)


Size: med size, approx 50cm

Sex: male

Age: approx 1.5 years

Neutered: yes

​Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

House trained: Yes

Location: Cornwall


Buddy is lovely and lively and fun to live with.

He is crate trained and settles really well for longer periods  and is generally quiet in the house.


He is completely house trained. 

He is a little bit chasey and has had some training to help him ignore moving cars which needs to be continued by his new family. 

He’s easy to walk and good on the lead.

Buddy quite challenging to train because he is very easily distracted and just wants to play and when he’s out of his bed he’d rather not sit still. He also can’t take an immediate food reward. He’ll drop it and by the time he’s found it and eaten it, he’s forgotten what he did well. So he’ll need lots and lots of praise. 

He’s getting really good with other dogs he lives with. He can ignore them or play with them and is very friendly. Some dogs might find him a bit much or react to his looks.

He currently doesn’t have very good recall and this would be his training priority. 

He loves a ball and this may work as a reward in his training.

Due to his past it may be easy to pity Buddy, but any future family must keep in mind that in Buddy's opinion he is no different from other dogs which should be the basis of how he is handled.


Child friendly:
Yes, but only older teenage children as due to his ways could unintentionally hurt a small child.

Dog friendly:

Buddy is a very friendly dog and eager to approach other dogs. He gets on really well with the dogs he currently lives with and they are used to him now.

Buddy could live with another calm and easy going dog, but it would be too risky to rehome him with a bigger group in case there was a disagreement between the dogs at any one time because Buddy would not be able to defend himself as he can't nip or bite any longer.  

To introduce him to other dogs Buddy needs a calm and confident person who will give him and the other dog lots of praise. He wants to play with other dogs so much, but some dogs find his full on approach a bit much.  Some dogs react to his looks too.

Cat friendly:

Buddy would be best suited for a cat free home as he has a strong chase instinct. 

Buddy had major reconstructive surgery and has lost his upper jaw. 

Buddy is breathing ok except that he tends to sneeze a lot. This he does out of excitement as we experienced here in the UK with him, but the Bosnian vet explained that there is absolutely nothing left of his lower sinuses and breathing airways. Buddy therefore had two little holes reconstructed to breathe through and sneezing is his way to keep them clear. He can sometimes have a bit of food stuck there which triggers a sneeze reflex too. 

At times Buddy's new nostrils can get a bit snotty and his eyes a bit weepy which is now part of his life. 

Buddy has adapted very well and can eat almost normally. Buddy copes best with dry food and cooked meat and veg which he absolutely adores. Dusica his foster mum in Bosnia gave him one home cooked meal a day and Buddy totally loved it. It was one of the highlights of his day. She also added a bit of vegetable soup to his dry food for extra flavour, but didn't let it soak to mush. He loved that too. 
His UK foster mum is feeding him on kibble mainly and is adding cooked meat like chicken as an extra too. 
It would be really lovely for Buddy if his future adopters would be able to continue that. Buddy has been through hell and back and we would like to see him enjoy as many of life's pleasures as possible.

Blood tested:

tested negative for Brucellosis Canis, Leishmans, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis before travel.

​Ideal Home:
Buddy will need a realistic and experienced home. Rural/semi rural and quiet would be ideal. Buddy will not be happy as a town dog. Where he is fostered is very rural and he has not experienced much else so far.


He needs a large enough garden to run around in for some daily off lead exercise, playtime and training. Buddy is not an excessive barker, but his bark is that of a Pulin dog which is quite a high pitched bark. He barks when he gets excited, wants to be part of something that is going on or to alert.


He will need someone who accepts him as he is and does not put huge expectations on him. Buddy is who he is and training him will be a bit harder than with the average dog due to his lack of focus and the physical inability to take on a food reward quick enough to connect with the actual task. Praise works best for him and possibly a ball could be used too as a reward as he loves his ball. 

Rescue Story:
Buddy was found on the streets of Bosnia by a lovely girl who spotted his suffering. Buddy had been shot in the head and left to die. The dog loving girl, Andrea, alerted Bojan from the Bark Ark rescue shelter who wanted to give Buddy a second chance. He took him to the best vet he knew, Bojan Lukac, who did amazing reconstructive surgery on this wonderful dog. Buddy is one of life's heroes who is taking the new him in his stride, just as if nobody told him that he has lost his upper jaw! He has come through so much and is going from strength to strength. His videos are testament to this beautiful dog's mind-blowing will to live and to enjoy life no matter what. Amazing!

Buddy's videos:

His Rescue Story:

His arrival in foster in Bosnia:

His Bosnian foster place with Dusica:

Buddy in the UK

Buddy featured on CORNWALL LIVE

Buddy featured on PIRATE FM

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