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looking for a special home in Cornwall/Devon 

CHARLIE - crossbreed, possibly mainly basset x barak hound 

Size: medium - size of a basset hound
Sex: male
Age: 5 approx
Neutered: yes
Vaccinated: yes
Microchipped: yes
Temperament: loves people he knows and is very devoted, strong willed and smart, can be possessive over toys, food orientated
Child friendly: no children, but older visiting children who respect a dog's boundaries are fine.  
Dog friendly: yes, but can also dominant, definitely prefers female dogs
Cat friendly: no
Behaviour/Training needs: Charlie is very reactive when on the lead. Being restrained makes him insecure and he needs someone who is willing to take the time to build his confidence. This could potentially take a long time. More details below.
House trained: never lived in normal home life. Shares a dog room with a female and is very clean there.
Blood tested: tested negative for heart worm, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis and lyme disease shortly before pet travel and passed his general health check at our vet clinic in Launceston

Current Location: Launceston

Charlie's ideal home: rural or semi rural, no built up areas with lots of things going on, ideally no traffic close by, no children, someone experienced, loving and patient who does not need a dog to be fitting into their life, but who willingly adjusts theirs to Charlie's needs for however long it takes. Someone who does train and socialize with kind up to date methods and at Charlie's pace. Introduces him to new situations only when he his ready. Charlie is happiest here in our field, chasing a toy and having fun. He needs slow introduction to dogs and people he does not know. He may never be a perfectly balanced dog, but he sure has got the potential of getting there. Whoever puts the time and effort in with Charlie will have a devoted friend for life.

Background story: 

Charlie’s story was a very sad one up till now. A story of a young dog roaming the streets of Modrica, a city in Bosnia. A little chap feeling lost and searching for food and love. For a place where he can belong and be truly wanted. A pup who had lost his family and was all alone. A youngster who was regarded as unsightly and a nuisance. A poor soul who was in danger of not living to see the next day. This was when Bojan from the Bark Ark shelter was alerted and asked to remove Charlie from the streets. Without hesitation he swiftly did so and brought Charlie to safety in his rescue shelter.

Even though Charlie was now safe and he had food as well as care, the shelter is very busy with hundreds of dogs and not a long term solution for any dog. It feels noisy and stressful for many of the canine residents and they are coping to various degrees.

Despite his cute looks Charlie was never picked and became one of the long termers in the shelter. He had been waiting to be chosen for over 4 years. Always hoping, waiting…surviving amongst many other dogs, but nobody ever did come for him. When we were shown Charlie we had to step up for him. How could we not? Look at this darling soul! He deserves his chance of happiness as much as all the other dogs.

Charlie is looking for a super special, understanding, patient and experienced home who will give him the understanding, guidance and training he needs, as well as help him gain confidence in new situations.

Whoever falls in love with Charlie needs to take into account that he will be a challenge in some ways as much as he will be a joy in others. But one thing we can promise you is that you will have a deep bond and lasting friendship. 


♥ bosnian crossbreed of handsome looks, possibly crossed with basset hound and barak hound, rough coated tan coloured fur

♥ 5 years, male, generous medium size – very strong, muscly and stocky long body with quite short legs and big paws, size and shape approx like a big basset hound

♥ fully vaccinated and microchipped, tested negative for heartworm, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis and lyme disease shortly before pet travel from Bosnia and passed his general health check in the UK

♥ dog friendly when carefully introduced on long training lead, but much prefers females or submissive males, can be rather dominant. Charlie is resource guarder towards other dogs due to him growing up in a competitive multi dog shelter environment. See also video below of Charlie playing with other dogs here. All his best friends are females who he lets get away with more than he does male dogs

♥ people friendly with those he knows and very loyal, but he also likes to say hi to strangers

♥ not suitable to live with cats or young children, but older visiting children who respect a dog's boundaries are fine.  

♥ not fully used to and relaxed with lead walks , hence very reactive when on lead where he lunges at other dogs and passing cars and also pulls on the lead. See also videos below for his reaction to traffic.

♥ not used to home life, has spent most of his life growing up in a Bosnian shelter. Please follow our guide to how to settle in your new rescue dog which especially applies to overseas rescues. Click below to read. 

♥ food orientated, great incentive for training, already sits on command, knows his name and has fairly reasonable recall, allowed off lead in secure field

♥ is learning to play with toys and now loves to chase a ball and has become quite obsessed with it

♥ lives in a dedicated doggy room here, currently with one other dog (female), but used to share with one male and 2 females initially, not tested in normal home life and will most possibly be reactive to TV, appliances etc

♥ sleeps in crate and does not soil his living or sleeping space

♥ not an excessive barker, only noisy when he gets excited and sees something he wants to chase or chase away

♥ loves cuddles and attention

♥ needs a routine, consistency, kindness and boundaries

Would you like for this lovely dog to become part of your life? Are you Charlie’s very own special person? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to receive your application. 

With love, paws and friendly woofs ~ Charlie & everyone at Paws2Freedom ♥ 



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