***Reserved pending Home check***

A female border collie, one of our UK rescue dogs needing

a forever home or foster home.

***Reserved pending Home check***



*** Looking for a home or foster home in Cornwall/Devon***

Size: medium, small collie size
Sex: female
Age: 14 months
Neutered: no, needs to be done (costs to be covered by her new family please)
Vaccinated: received first course on 17th August and needs another in 4 weeks after
Microchipped: yes
Temperament: friendly, playful, boisterous, intelligent
Child friendly: yes, but only older children as she would unwillingly hurt a young one by accident
Dog friendly: yes, but she has not met a great many. The ones she met she liked and plays with.
Cat friendly: yes, she is friends with the neighbour’s cat.
Behaviour/Training needs: needs training and channeling of her breed traits into the right activities
Housetrained: yes
Bloodtested: n/a
Ready to travel: n/a

Charlie is a friendly young border collie female and only just over a year old. She is in Launceston and needs her perfect forever home please. Charlie is not here with us yet, but you can meet her at her current home after passing our vetting process.

She needs a home who is willing to train her and who can offer a safe large enough space where this can happen. At this point Charlie cannot be trusted to be let off the lead sadly as her recall is not reliable. She knows some basic commands like 'sit' and is in the process of learning 'stay' but hasn't quite mastered it yet. Looking at her breed traits and energy levels she would most likely love agility which would be something to consider for her new family. More activity and training would probably also help her often quite strong barking. 

This enthusiastic and excitable youngster pulls on the lead and would benefit from lead training too. She certainly has the intelligence that is so typical for border collies and should be quite easy to train. 


Charlie grew up around children and likes them very much, but at this stage is just far too boisterous for very young children cautions her current family. Charlie has a tendency to knock into them in her young energetic enthusiasm. 

She has made friends with the neighbour's cat which is a very promising sign as to Charlie being perhaps cat friendly, but is of course no guarantee. 

Charlie gets frightened by fireworks and thunder. She reacts with barking, but does calm if someone sits with her and reassures her. Turning up the volume on TV/Radio for example also help her. 

Charlie has never been vaccinated and we have taken her to our vet on the 17th to get this done. She needs her second course 4 weeks after. She also passed her health check up with flying colours.

Charlie was brilliant at the vets! Not one ounce of aggression and also really happy to meet other dogs too. She met 4 of our others at the same time without a problem whatsoever. 


Charlie has not been spayed yet and is at the tail end of her first season. Usually all our dogs are neutered before they go to their new homes, but sadly at this point it is not possible to have her spayed. Her new family would be contract bound to spay Charlie as soon as medically possible after her season and also to cover the costs please. We would ask for permission to get in touch with their vet about this too. Any other dogs in the home would need to be neutered. 

We are looking for a home for Charlie in our area of Cornwall/Devon. An experienced and realistic home who can give this highly energetic dog what she needs to keep her happy. Charlie needs someone with sufficient time, commitment and preferably collie experience. Someone who can keep up with her energy levels. This gorgeous girl has all the makings to be a fantastic companion.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel that Charlie is the dog for you. Our standard vetting process and adoption donation applies if you would like to adopt Charlie. For fostering her temporarily our foster criteria and vetting process applies.


If you would like to sponsor Charlie until adoption for her vet costs and food bill,  your kind donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :) 




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