Female border collie, one of our UK rescue dogs needing

a special forever home in Cornwall/Devon.


Size: medium, petite collie
Sex: female
Age: 2
Neutered: yes
Vaccinated: yes
Microchipped: yes

Temperament: friendly, playful, boisterous, intelligent, highly strung, bundles of energy and endurance

Favourites: chasing after squidgy frisbee, squashed volley ball and recently also tennis balls, play fighting and running rings round Rocky, digging for field mice and diving into grass bushels, chasing birds and insects, playing with food activity toys.

Child friendly: ideally no children as she is not a really cuddly dog (yet) and also would unwillingly hurt a young child by accident, also Charlie needs to have her boundaries respected at all times (see write up)

Dog friendly: yes, even though a bit unsure with some, can be scared and needs them to back off at first until she is ready

Cat friendly: uncertain, she does not pay much attention to cats we see out on walks, nor other animals for that matter

Behaviour/Training needs:

needs general training and channeling of her breed traits into the right activities (eg agility),

very reactive to traffic where she barks and lunges at moving cars and would throw herself at or under a car if given the chance. Her behaviour goes beyond the typical collie tyre chasing behaviour.

As for other animals, in our experience if it moves fast she wants to chase, if slow she does not show much interest, eg she passed a group chicken with chicks who were walking by very close without a problem. 

We have managed to get Charlie to accept touch and cuddles more and working on her accepting to be brushed.

She is partially trained, but needs more.

Typical border collie - highly intelligent and eager to learn, wants to be doing something a lot of the time.

Housetrained: yes, but of course initial accidents due to everything being new and confusing during the first few days are not uncommon

Bloodtested: has had general blood test before spaying which was absolutely fine and she passed her general health check when we took Charlie to be vaccinated and wormed
Current Location: Launceston

Ideal Home:

not suitable as a farm collie,

rural with a large garden or/and with flat grass area. ideally access to a secure piece of land would be amazing so she can safely let off some steam from day one virtually, 

no immediate traffic and patience if not even experience of getting a fearful dog accustomed to traffic/moving cars slowly

relaxed homely lifestyle balanced with active outdoor activity,

ideally with another dog as a role model,

active and experienced with border collies and their traits as well as their quirks,

willing to give Charlie the time she needs and not expect the perfect dog too soon,

ok with Charlie not being a cuddle monster just yet

would be perfect for agility

In our opinion Charlie will become a wonderful companion over time once she had the chance to learn to trust you fully. Building true trust through love, kindness, knowledge of her breed as well as patience is essential with Charlie. A home for Charlie where she is loved and accepted just as she is and all else if it happens will be a welcome bonus, would be perfect for her. 

Charlie's Story:

Charlie, a beautiful tri coloured smooth coated border collie, was bought as a pup and grew up in the heart of Launceston where her previous family sadly did not get her used to traffic or socialize her much at all. This unfortunately resulted in a variety of issues as she got older, some of which she is still struggling with today. Charlie came to us very wild and unruly and knew virtually nothing, but surprisingly had a home offer almost straight away. Sadly this did not work out and she came back to us a few weeks later due to a some problems which came to light during Charlie's stay in her new home.

This stay in the temporary home got us informatin we did not previously have, for example that Charlie was not used to things we consider normal as part of our daily home life, eg the sound of TV and houselhold appliances as well as the hoover. We are not a kennel rescue and had no suitable foster space available when she was returned to us. As she was not spayed and was just coming out of season at the time, hence we could not integrate her into our gang and therefore Charlie came to live in a doggy room outside of our main house. Hence we were unable to test this with her so far. She is now spayed, but unfortunately we have no room in the house for her at this time. Her future adopters will have to be prepared to get Charlie introduced to these things and expect some hurdles to start off with. 


Since she came to us we exercise Charlie 3-4 times a day to assure she is able to release the boundless energy she has. We worked with her on some basic training commands, socialized her with other dogs, introduced her to toys and taught her to play with them (her favourite being a particular frisbee and squashed ball) and got her used to being touched and handled more which was quite an issue for her. Nowadays she even starts to seek cuddles and has recently started to give kisses too. However, she is still not comfortable with prolonged closeness which looking at the amazing progress she has already made here during the past months, will come in time. If you are after an instant cuddle monster, then Charlie is not it - yet. But she is so much more affectionate than she first was. The key is patience and not to overwhelm her. She will let you know when she had enough and you would need to respect that as part of the trust building process. We also aimed to get Charlie more used to passing cars. Sadly even with daily walks down a quiet lane with only the occasional car passing we did not succeed much. Over the course of 2 months she barked less at them, but she continued being stressed out on lead walks and ever so eager to get back home, hence we decided not to continue and give her some extra playtime in the field instead which she absolutely loves. 

Here at P2F she got spayed too which mellowed her ever so slightly. Having said that, Charlie is still highly strung and needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Well, she is a border collie after all. When she came to us, tail chasing and barking in frustration was a very frequent habit. Nowadays she very rarely does it which is fantastic.


Charlie is a super dog and we love her to bits. She deserves a wonderful special home with the perfect person/people for her where she can blossom even more than she already has here. Could it be you?

We are looking for a home for Charlie in our area of Cornwall/Devon. An experienced and realistic home who can give this highly energetic dog what she needs to keep her happy. Charlie needs someone with sufficient time, commitment, space and preferably collie experience. This gorgeous girl has all the makings to be an absolutely fantastic dog even though at this point is a work in progress.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel that Charlie is the dog for you. Our standard vetting process and adoption donation apply if you would like to adopt Charlie. 

If you would like to sponsor Charlie until adoption for her vet costs and food bill,  your kind donation would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much for your support ~ Love, Charlie ♥

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