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Size: 30 cm shoulder height approx
Sex: female
Age: 4-5 years
Neutered: yes
Vaccinated: yes
Microchipped: yes
Temperament: friendly / very active / strong character with typical terrier traits
Child friendly: yes in all likelihood, but is looking for a home without resident children
Dog friendly: yes, mostly
Cat friendly: no
Behaviour/Training needs: needs obedience training, we have started working on lead training with Coco  
Housetrained: Clean in her space here, but not lived inside a house to our knowledge
Bloodtested: tested negative for heartworm, lyme disease, ehrlichia and anaplasmosis while in Bosnia and passed her health check here at our vet
Ready to travel: at P2F in Launceston

Hello my name is Coco and I would like to tell you my story. I was found on the streets where I was wandering around looking for food and kindness every single day. Sadly, as is so often the case here in Bosnia, I did not find much of either. But I kept trying! I had nowhere sheltered to sleep where I was allowed to stay, but I managed to find a little corner at night. But it was not easy or comfortable. There was just nowhere where I was truly welcome 

I did not really know that I was in so much danger of losing my life, but later I learned that I was. I was told that I just about escaped dying a horrible death. But anyway, back to my story.... my luck changed when my rescuer Bojan was asked to ‘clean me off the streets’ where I lived. I was considered unsightly trash by the people who lived there. This kind man took me to this really big place called Bark Ark where I now live with a lot of other dogs. It’s really busy here and very stressful for a little dog like me. I have been here for a very long time now and nobody wanted me so far. Not sure why as I am so very cute and little.
I was starting to lose all hope… but then suddenly one day someone whispered into my ear that I was going to a far away country called England. Someone finally wants to help me! Paws2Freedom stepped up for me and will find me my very first forever home. Just for me. I still cannot believe my luck!

But for this to happen for me they need to raise funds so that I can start my happy future. Do you think you can help me a bit to make this happen? I would be ever so grateful if you could. All you need to do is donate whatever you can with reference COCO and the funds will be put aside for me straight away. I thank you from the bottom of my little happy heart.


With much love and gratitude from me, Coco, and Paws2Freedom ♥

UPDATE November 2020:

Little Coco has been with us now for just about 2 weeks during which time we got to know her a bit better. So far we can tell you that she is very friendly and people devoted. Coco loves to be fussed over, being cuddled and loved. Her people mean so much to her and she is very affectioinate. She is beautiful, funny and brimming with confidence and energy. Coco is very fast. A typical terrier. Very feisty too. With a strong prey instinct as well. In true terrier form any rabbit hole needs to be checked out and small furries are for chasing. 

We took Coco to our vet for her health check which she passed with flying colours. The vet had no problems examining her. She also lets us inspect her ears, teeth and eyes and enjoys being brushed. However, her patience does not stretch very far and she does get restless quickly and wriggles away in search of new adventures lol, hence anything relaxing is best done after a good session of exercise.


While in Bosnia she lived in a very large shelter and shared a pen with about 20 other dogs. For a small dog to survive in such an environment she needed to express her strong and confident personality to the max and what must have worked for her was that she growled a 'don't mess with me' as a greeting to other dogs which she still does here. If they heed the warning she will be fine and make friends. She took a dislike to one of the females here for example which we were able to reduce to a reluctant live and let live type of relationship out on walks, but she gets on really well with Charlie who is of similar mindset and background. Coco is a typical terrier boss dog who get quite jealous. Not surprising knowing her shelter history where nothing was certain or available in abundance. In our opinion Coco would love to live as an only dog with someone who can get her to meet other dogs in a controlled and relaxed way. 

Once she has bonded with you it will be deeply and she will make a wonderfully loyal companion. Coco just adores her humans! Being so very fast and highly energetic, Coco needs an active home where they can give her what she needs. 

Coco loves her food here. She enjoys variety and is eating fresh meat, Butchers tin food, mixed in kibbles and greens. We would not like to see her on a dry food only as it doesn't suit her.  As with most shelter dogs resource guarding to one degree or another is often present, especially towards other dogs. However, she does not guard her food from us at all. 


Being food orientated, her future adopters will be able to use this to their advantage when it comes to training.

Coco is quite a willful little minx and will need a firm, consistent and yet kind and gentle hand. Using positive reinforcement training only. Any well intended, yet sadly outdated methods would not be suitable for Coco. 

She is learning to walk on the lead and is improving. At first she was a bit unsure of traffic, but has gotten used to it a lot more now. We sadly don't have the time to give where training is concerned and her future adopters will need to put the time in, especially on her recall training so that Coco can enjoy some off lead exercise in the future. A big enough garden or access to a secure space would be essential for Coco to run around in safely.

Having been through a lot of changes lately, Coco will need to build trust and a bond with her new people which could take a while. She will love her new home, but a true bond and building trust takes a longer time. Like all rescue dogs she will need to learn to trust that she will not be abandoned again and that her new humans will take care of her no matter what.

Coco's adopters need to be prepared and realistic about her history and carefully introduce Coco to life while also accepting temporary changes to their own life to accommodate Coco's needs for however long it takes. She does not live in the main house with us hence we are unable to test her reaction to appliances, TV etc, but her adopters need to be prepared for her to possibly react at first. Some shelter dogs do to one degree or another, others take things in their stride. 

Due to her lively and highly energetic terrier personality as well as shelter history Coco would be best suited to a settled home with lots of time to give to her. A more rural setting would suit this girl best rather than town or city life. Visiting older children would not be a problem as long as they know how to respect a dog's boundaries, however she would be looking for a home without resident children.

Coco's a feisty little terrier with a big personality. A fantastic dog who his highly intelligent and eager to please. She will make a fabulous companion who is devoted, loving and just so cute.  If you think Coco is the dog for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 





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