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Mixed Breed

The following profile is based on information provided to us by Joci's temporary, short term home and the Bark Ark rescue shelter while she is not in our care yet


JOCI’S name is ever so fitting as it means pioneering spirit.


9 months old Joci is currently in temporary accommodation in a different part of the UK and can only come to Cornwall once a suitable rescue space has been found in Cornwall/Devon. This pup needs a chance!
Please help her by sharing and if you can be the home she is looking for please get in touch.

Size:  small-medium and will grow about small Labrador size, now she is approx 15 kilos

Sex: female

Age: 9 months (approx DOB 23.1.23)

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: no young children please, older dog savvy teenager will be fine

Dog friendly: yes, great with all the dogs in the shelter and also the ones she met while in the UK

Cat friendly:  yes, but has only met one cat that we know of and was fine. Cat was dog savvy though.

Livestock friendly:
 has shown no interest when walked past

House Trained: yes

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs: 

Beautiful Joci is a delightful friendly happy little soul. Shy at first, but more outgoing once she realizes a person is kind. Loves to play with dogs and has never lived without their company. She loves affection and give it in return.

Like all rescue dogs from abroad Joci will need general obedience and lead training. She is bright and loves to learn.

As to be expected, looking at her past life, little Joci has never seen the outside world as we know it in the UK and is therefore easily overwhelmed and can be reactive in certain situations. The lady where she currently lives in temporary accommodation is very dog experienced and already working with her and Joci has already made enormous progress.

She is totally fine with women and adores their company. Maybe because they are generally softer spoken, more motherly and not so overwhelming. We can’t be sure why, but she clearly trusts women more. From what we know so far Joci sadly does not like men and reacts towards them which is something her next home will need to help her with. She has barked at men and also on occasion ran towards them barking and air snapping. This sweet girl is clearly petrified of men and needs someone very kind and patient to help her. Joci needs a home either without a man or with a very sympathetic and kind hearted man (which would be the better option for her rehabilitation) who is determined to win Joci over, give her the space she needs and help her over her fears of men. We don’t know why she has this extreme fear, but from experience we know it could take a long time for her to overcome this and worst case she may mellow but the fear might never completely go away. Whoever takes this lovely girl into their heart & home will have to be dedicated and not expect an instant miracle. She reminds us of our little Kathy (therapy dog in training now!!!) who was exactly like that. She was extremely reactive towards Mark and men of all ages in general. We were determined to show her that life and men are good. It took a lot of patience, love and understanding to get her where she is today. But we succeeded and Kathy is such a happy darling today. If there are men in the household they need to be fully on board with helping Joci and willing to do what is needed. We will offer FREE professional help including home visits/meet ups to make this happen.

Blood tested/Health: Yes. Brucella tested in Bosnia. UK vet check to be done. 

​Rescue story: Joci’s story is that of countless others in Bosnia, where she was found as an abandoned stray pup whose life was saved by the Bark Ark shelter. Joci spent her months growing up in the rescue shelter. She came to the UK only a few weeks ago into a home which sadly did not suit her. When we heard her story, our heart went out to this darling girl and we offered our help. Joci is now in short term temporary accommodation in a different part of the UK until we can get her transported down to Cornwall. This sadly can’t happen without a place for her to go to, which is where we are looking for a suitable home/foster home for Joci to go to asap. 

Ideal Home: 

Cornwall/Devon only please. 

Ideally not too busy or urban an area which can be very stressful for a new overseas dog, but it depends on property and life style. 

Most of all Joci needs an experienced, realistic and sympathetic home where she can decompress for a few weeks, get to know her new folks and surroundings first until she ventures out. It's essential to give Joci this time and space as she would have had a lot of changes in far too short a time. Patience will be absolute key, as well as consideration that whatever reaction Joci may display is never anything personal or a failure of her new family's part, it is merely a desperate cry for help and signalling that whatever is happening is too much for her. Basically, think dog! 

Joci is not yet in Cornwall and we are unable to take her into our care until a suitable home has been found. We are looking for a suitable and dog experienced foster home or foster with intent to adopt in the Cornwall/Devon area where she can go to direct from where she is now.

Joci is looking for a settled, calm home without young children. Older teenage children who have dog experience may work. She needs to live with another friendly and social dog as a role model and play friend. An enclosed garden, large enough for her to run and play in is essential.
An all female home would be easiest and we are more than happy to consider such a home, but we would prefer a home with a man as well who is kind and patient and can over time show Joci that men are good. This has to be done very carefully and step by step to avoid any pressure or stress. A dog who is afraid may nip or worse even, bite, if pushed. We will help every step of the way wherever needed.

If you would like to apply for Joci, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you 


If you have cats, we are unable to assess Joci with cats here in the UK and her cat experience is limited. Ideally the cat is dog savvy and it must be expected that it will take time for the furbabies to get used to each other. Our very experienced team canine coach will gladly offer his help and guidance with this and any other issues that may arise. This is free of charge for our adopters/fosterers.


Application and vetting process apply. Please contact us if you would like to foster/adopt Joci. We usually reply within 24 hours, mostly sooner and if you don’t hear back please contact us again. Thank you ♥

Meet & Greet will gladly be arranged after the application was approved.

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