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Border Collie x Kelpie

The following profile is based on information provided to us by the previous owner and also on our assessment here while Spikey is with us.  


SPIKE -  we are calling this fantastic dog Spikey which has evolved and suits him very well. The name of Spikey creates a dual nature for, on the one hand, they desire change and varied experiences in order to avoid monotony, and yet they are attuned to system, order, and attention to detail. A fitting name for this amazing collie dog. 

We love Spikey to bits and someone will be very lucky to have him in their life. 

Size: medium size, lanky and still some growing/filling out to do

Sex: male

Age: DOB 19.01.2023 (8 months from 19th Sept 23)

Neutered: not yet (ideal time would be at around 12 months old).

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: yes. Ideally he lives without children, but older dog savvy teenage children who are balanced and respect a dog's boundaries would be ok. Spikey has lived with children before. Younger visiting children eg grandchildren would be fine under supervision if they know how to treat a dog, as Spike is very excitable and playful. Typical collie pup with the classic breed traits. 

Dog friendly: yes. Spikey loves to play with other dogs and heeds any warnings. We have let him mix with a variety of dogs of different ages and temperaments and Spikey did really well with all of them. He is a very social dog. We have once observed tension over a toy, but the dogs heeded each other's warnings and there was no fighting. 

Cat friendly: lived with 3 cats in his previous home. He may want to play with a cat like he would with a dog. If there are cats, ideally they are used to dogs. Adopters need to be realistic and expect this not to be an instant process. We are happy to give guidance on this.

House Trained: yes

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs: 

Spikey is very much a collie. He is highly intelligent and a very quick learner. He picked up basic commands in no time at all and is ever so easily trainable. He loves training when it's fun and training him is just super enjoyable and the results are so quick.  

Very friendly in nature. Lively and loves attention. A typical border collie pup in his behaviours and great fun. 

Already walks well on the lead. Does have a tendency to pull when he wants to explore something and is too impatient, but most of the time he is fab.

He showed separation anxiety in his previous home. Here we leave him for a few hours each day and he is fine providing he does get adequate exercise. Sometimes a barks a little bit, but if left in a quiet spot he happily amuses himself with a Kong, stuffed hoof or raw bone and then goes to sleep. An outlet for his physical energy and active mind is essential though before he is left. Being a collie he will not be happy as a couch potato and suits an active and varied life style who can give him the time he needs. Spike would most likely love activities like agility or CaniCross. 

We took him with us to a cafe a few days ago and he was ever so friendly to anyone on two or four legs and quite the star of the show with the staff and other guests there. He was quiet during our meal too. We did not expect a pup of his age and breed to behave so well. He was an absolute trooper!

Being the age he is, Spikey does sometimes try to push the boundaries which is totally normal and we find it quite amusing when he tries it on. His future adopters should not give in to his antics or be taken in by his charm as it could lead to problems later on. It's easy to not be consistent with Spikey as he is really cute, but it's up to us as people to show him what's ok and what isn't. Be kind, calm and consistent and all will be just fine. 


Crate trained. 

When Spikey is new to your home we would ask you to follow our guidelines for new dogs. Hence a good size garden will be essential so that he has got somewhere to run and play in during the initial days and after. 

Blood tested/Health: Health checked, up to date with everything and no known conditions. Our vet loved Spikey and vice versa (see pics) and he was a true star on the day.

​Rescue story: Spike was initially discovered on FreeAds when he went to his previous home. Sadly they chose the wrong breed for their life style and dog experience and things did not work out because of this. So he came into our care and so far he is very happy with us. 

Ideal Home: 

Cornwall/Devon only please.

Not too urban as he's not really a town kind of dog. His new home needs to have a large enough garden for him to run around and play in. 

A calm and settled home would work best. 

Spikey needs a realistic home who take into account his age and breed. Certain things are hot-wired into collies and should not be misunderstood. 

If his new adopters have experience with Collies that would be great as he needs a home who understands him. Collies are fabulous dogs in the right hands. If you never had a collie please research the breed before you apply to adopt. Collies are amazing dogs, but not for everyone. His future adopters need to be able to provide the right life style, energy and activity level for a border collie. 

Spike is a highly intelligent and active dog. He will need a home who can give him what he needs. He loves people and other dogs, but can get a bit jealous at times. He, as every young dog who is testing the boundaries, will need gentle guidance on what behaviours are acceptable and which are not. 

Our very experienced team canine coach will gladly offer his help and guidance with issues that may arise. This is free of charge for our adopters/fosterers.


Application and vetting process apply. Please contact us if you would like to adopt Spike.  We usually reply within 24 hours, mostly sooner and if you don’t hear back please contact us again. Thank you ♥

Meet & Greet will gladly be arranged after the application was approved.

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