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Mixed Breed.  

Sparky will start her journey to the UK in mid October and still needs a foster home to go to. We would accept foster with intent to adopt too. 

The following profile is based on information provided to us by the Bark Ark rescue shelter. We will amend the description where appropriate once more information becomes available here in the UK. 


SPARKY -  a masculine name of Middle English and Old Norse origins from the surname Spark. Meaning “lively,” “high-spirited,” “sprightly,” and “vivacious,”  

Size: 30cm approx shoulder height

Sex: male

Age: 2 years approx (August 23)

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: y
es, but being a dog who we have not met in person we are unable to accept homes with young children/toddlers. Older children 8+ who are dog savvy and respect a dog’s boundaries are fine.

Dog friendly: yes. He lived in a crowded pen with other dogs very happily in the busy Bark Ark rescue shelter. 

Cat friendly: Not tested.

House Trained: not tested

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs: 

Sparky is a new rescue who thankfully didn't have to stay at the shelter for long and he is just a bunch of love and devotion. Super sweet and friendly, easy going little dog.

Needs general training and like most other overseas dogs with largely unknown history. Will need slow introducing to UK life as we know it, in line with our guidelines for new dogs. Being a young dog he will be lively at times and need a good amount of exercise and stimulation. A home outside of a busy city or town in a more quiet location would be ideal rather than a too urban an environment which can easily overwhelm a new overseas rescue dog.

Blood tested/Health: Yes. Tested negative for Brucellosis, Leishmans, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia and passed her general pre-travel health check. UK vet check will be done after Sparky arrived here in Cornwall. 

​Rescue story: Sparky was picked up as a stray. He was wearing a collar which indicates that he had an owner before he found himself homeless. Being an owner dog in Bosnia means most likely a dog house outdoors rather than indoor home life. However, in some cases dogs may have experienced family life inside a home. 

Ideal Home: 

Cornwall/Devon only please.

Sparky would be looking for a home environment which is settled and can offer enough time to get him used to home life as we know it, train and guide him.


He will need a large enough grassed garden where he can spend the first week or more during her settling in time (referring to our guidelines), before he goes out to explore a bit more of his new world.


Sparky will need time and space to settle. Gentle guidance needs to be given where needed. Ideally in a calm environment. Initially, where we have not met Sparky in person yet, we are unable to accept homes with very young children or toddlers, but older dog experienced and respectful children 8+ would be fine.


Ideally not too urban an area which can be very stressful for a new overseas dog. 

If you have cats, depending on the cat's reaction it is not always a smooth journey introducing cats to new dogs. Ideally the cat is dog savvy. Our very experienced team canine coach will gladly offer his help and guidance with this and any other issues that may arise. This is free of charge for our adopters/fosterers.


Application and vetting process apply. Please contact us if you would like to adopt Sparky. We usually reply within 24 hours, mostly sooner and if you don’t hear back please contact us again. Thank you ♥

Meet & Greet will gladly be arranged after the application was approved.

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