2 year old male 

large size 

microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated


lively, energetic, enduring, strong willed, sometimes defiant and highly intelligent – reflecting the breeds he is crossed with:

Boxer x Collie (mum) x Staffie x Labrador (dad)

has been crate trained and uses it to rest as well as his safe space

loves affection and cuddles

Fenton has been surrendered and is currently fostered in Launceston

Fenton, a lovely dog who needs some behaviour modification and has been surrendered to us for this reason. He is currently undergoing assessment and training here at Paws2Freedom in Launceston and is looking for a home where our work can be continued. Fenton has already made good steps forward and is very much a 'work in progress'. We really love him here. He is a fantastic dog in so many ways.

Fenton is lively, energetic, enduring, strong willed, sometimes defiant and highly intelligent – reflecting the breeds he is crossed with, his character and age. In our opinion he will mellow in the coming years and become a big loyal friend to the right person. 

Loves affection and cuddles; lived with children in his previous home as well as a kitten, however as we now know Fenton quite well we are looking for a home for him either without children or with older ones.


His future family will need to be experienced with large, strong willed dogs and realistic in their expectations. In the right home Fenton will become a wonderful and loyal companion for life. We can see Fenton being happy and very content as a 'one-man-dog' where he would form a very strong bond. 

Fenton is no problem when left on his own. We have not found him to be destructive, even though he does like to tear up a stuffed toy for fun. When we leave him we always provide him with a Kong or a raw bone and he is more than happy to amuse himself with this and sleep soundly while we are out. He is also crate trained which may help. 
Fenton is not an excessive barker, in fact he is one of the most quiet dogs we have had the pleasure to have here with us. 

His main problem is lack of socialization which we are trying to address. He also needs to learn about boundaries, patience and manners. Fenton is known to lunge at other dogs and strangers when on the lead. When free he is a very good dog here. We have started assessing him on his issues and begun working on it with him. This is in its early stages and will need to be continued.

If you would like to adopt or home foster and continue what we began please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

With much hope for this gorgeous boy who has absolute tons of potential, 
from all of us at Paws2Freedom 

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