Reserved for Adoption

Reserved for Adoption


Size: Very large spanish sheepdog cross. Possibly Catalan Sheepdog x Giant Schnauzer x Mountain Dog. 

Sex: Female

Age: approx 6-10

Neutered: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Blood tested: Yes - tested negative for Leishmania, Heartworm, Ehrlichiosis (tick disease) in September 2019

Microchipped: Yes

Child friendly: Yes, but prefer a home without

Dog friendly: Yes

Cat friendly: Not tested

House-trained: Never lived indoors, but do not soil their kennel or messed on visits inside a home at all. Very clean dogs who will adapt quickly to indoor life.

Location: Cornwall

Meet our two beautiful gentle giantesses Flo and Lola.  

We heard about Flo and Lola from a kind supporter who alerted us to their unhappy plight.  We don’t know their early history but what we do know is that they were living in a shelter in Spain and had been there for years.  It was said that they had once lived with their owner on a farm until he passed away, leaving them homeless. However it happened, they wound up in a shelter. Due to their size, age and possibly also their colour these poor darling girls were passed over and nobody ever chose them.  They were kept in a small space and only let out once a day into a dark, narrow, concrete corridor for just a few minutes. Waiting with less and less hope that anyone would ever want them. It was heart-breaking and we knew that we could not leave them there. 

So, Flo and Lola made the long journey to us here in Cornwall a month ago. The first time they went into our field they were a little unsure and we watched them loving the freedom and the feel of grass under their paws again. As expected, both girls had suffered muscle wastage on their legs due to years of lack of exercise. Since then they have had a few gentle walks a day and now they are slowly gaining strength and are already far more sure on their legs. It's wonderful to see them change. They are so much happier now. 

Flo and Lola are super friendly and so kind.  They are very easy to love.  They have a close bond which is endearing to see.  They are also big lollopy blunder busses and this makes them two real comediennes. Both girls are total cuddle monsters too and love to give and receive affection. Flo and Lola are the kind of doggies who would love to be sprawled out on a (large!!!!) sofa with their special person (or people) giving them cuddles or brushing them which they absolutely love. Equal attention needs to be given to both girls, otherwise they grump or woof and try to shove the other to the side if one gets more than the other. As we said, they are real comediennes.  They are never apart from each other for long, loving to curl up together at quiet time or lounge in the sun.  Out on walks too they like to stay near one another. It is almost certain that Flo and Lola have lived together all their lives and for this reason we will only re-home them together. 

Lola is slightly bigger and might be the elder of the two. They are probably not far apart in age though. The shelter staff in Spain estimated them to be sisters which would make them the same age. Our vet here, however, suggested that they are more likely mother and daughter and estimated them to be anywhere between 6-10 years old.  With some rescued dogs, not knowing their whole history or what their living & nutritional conditions were in the past makes it hard to gauge their ages.  Worn teeth for example can occur even at a young age. 

Our dream now is to take them further on their journey to a much better life.  A life filled with love, security, freedom and good food with a family of their own. After so many years without hope, what a wonderful miracle that would be for them.

Could it be you? Could you take our darling girls into your hearts and into your home.  They ask so little, just to be loved, warm and safe.  To have full tummies and exercise in the fresh air.  

A rural home and life-style would suit them far more than a town or city. As they are currently near Launceston, they would love their forever home to be in Cornwall or Devon. Flo and Lola are waiting for you to find them with so much new hope in their hearts. 

As always adoptions are subject to a successful application and home visit. If all is good we would like you to meet the girls. And if you feel you are right for each other, the final step would be a £125 adoption donation for each doggy and of course our adoption contract. If you are interested in giving them their forever home then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Flo and Lola are also looking for sponsors to help with their upkeep until adoption. They love their food and being the size they are they eat a lot! We are also adding a tin of sardines to their food each day which adds to the costs. Any amount will make a difference.  Simply get in touch if this is something you would like to help them with. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you from all of us and Flo & Lola.

October 2019 arrived in Cornwall and a new chapter begins ...


In the shelter in Spain ... the forgotten souls ...

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