FLOKI - possible spaniel cross

Currently home fostered in Cornwall



Size: small size mixed breed, possible spaniel cross

Sex: male

Age: 3 approx according to the estimated date in his passport, but appears to be younger

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: Floki is scared and spooked by sudden quick movements and loud noises, hence he would be looking for a calm environment in a home ideally with no children or older dog experienced teenagers (16+) who respect a dog's needs

Dog friendly: yes, but scared at first meet. We feel that Floki would be best suited to live with another dog for company and as a role model to encourage good behaviour and build his confidence. Floki to our knowledge has never lived without the company of other dogs and we are unable to say how he would cope if being left on his own for example if he lived as an only dog. His future adopter most likely would have to help him over separation anxiety issues, not helped by the fact that that Floki tends to attach himself and bond deeply with his people. Hence our first choice would be given to adopters who already got another friendly dog living with them. 

Cat friendly: no

Temperament: Outgoing, friendly, playful, lively and a total cuddle monster. Would love a play mate. Willing to learn and very intelligent, loves sleeping on the bed with his people, will do anything to please his family. Cheeky little monkey who likes to climb and enjoys sitting on the window cill. 

Behaviour/Training needs: Floki is learning some basics in foster, but still has a lot to learn and will require a lot of guidance and boundaries 

House trained: Yes. However, a few accidents during the settling in period are not uncommon and have to be expected

Blood tested: tested negative for heartworm, lyme disease, ehrlichia and anaplasmosis while in Bosnia and passed his general health check in the UK on 30.03.2021

Current location Cornwall



Hello my name is Floki and thank you so much for reading my story.

Please let me tell you a bit more about myself. My story is that of many, many dogs like me in Bosnia. I was found abandoned on the streets desperately looking for food and barely able to survive on my own. I was still very young back then, a mere little pup. Each day could have been my last as people don’t like dogs like me where I was. Then one day when I was at my worst, this kind and gentle man came along who scooped me up and put me into his big rescue shelter called the Bark Ark where lucky bosnian strays like me end up. Bojan, the man who rescues us wishes nothing more than for all of us to find loving homes as the shelter can be very stressful for us and food is not always available every day either. But here we have at least a chance to be picked by a kind person who truly wants us.


Sadly almost a couple of years went past and nobody ever came for me. I saw dogs come and go. Many of them… and me,...

I was always left behind. A little brown dog that nobody wanted. Day after day passed, months, years… I became one of the forgotten dogs in the shelter. They could not remember much about my rescue even. With many 100ds of dogs and so many new ones each week I just drowned in the sea of dogs. I had lost all hope. Then one day Paws2Freedom spotted me on a picture and stepped up for me. I became their last minute addition to the March transport and then things happened really fast and to my utter amazement I am now in the UK. Swoop!... and my life has already changed so much. No more stress and noise with over 700 other dogs around me. I already got to run in Paws2Freedom’s field and play with other dogs like me. They all came from where I was from too and we had just so much joy in us. Grass! Sun! Playtime! Now we have a bright future ahead of us and someone will really want us. For the very first time in our lives we are truly loved.


For now, until I find my very own forever family,  I am in the home of Paws2Freedom’s Zoe and her lovely family where I am being assessed and learning about home life. Something that is totally new to me. I am living with two other doggies, one from the same shelter where I came from. We are having fun and I am experiencing new things. Sometimes I get a bit daunted, but my curiosity always wins. 


I am ready to find my very own forever home now. My perfect home would be an active one in a rural or semi rural setting. With someone who has lots of time for me. I would love to live with another dog (or more) as my sister or brother as a role model who could match my energy levels and loves to play as much as I do. I have never lived as an only dog and am not sure how I would feel about it. I have been left for a few hours in my foster home, but was in the company of other dogs and I was fine. Maybe I would get nervous on my own, I don’t know for sure.

Please enjoy some photos of me in my album below. A couple are of me in the bosnian shelter. You will see the difference. I wasn't happy there. 

If you have fallen in love with me and would like to make me your forever dog, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Paws2Freedom by completing an application for me. I hope it's ok and you understand that by the time your application has been received there may be others too as I am also advertized on other sites. 


With love, happy woofs and tail wags ~ Floki ♥


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