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Food for Paws

Welcome to ‘Food For Paws'- Paws2Freedom’s very own Food Bank for dogs who live a less fortunate life abroad.


Good food is essential to any dog but to our rescues it means even more. It means the end of days of starvation, the end of days of eating scraps they have begged for, poor food with little to no nutritional value. Very often when they are rescued they are suffering from malnutrition which can cause so many other health problems. Sometimes they have simply never known what a full tummy feels like because they have never had enough to eat.


You can help us to change all that. Together we can end their hunger, give them something really good to eat and keep them healthy and happy.

The photos below show a few snap shots of feeding the shelter and street dogs in Carmen's Bobi Tantava Sanctuary near Bucharest, Istrita de Jos near Buzau and some from private rescue yards in Craiova in Romania. 


We invite you to make a donation to our food bank and as the balance grows we can make a withdrawal and buy a bulk load  of much-needed food for our wonderful rescue dogs. Then it will be sent straight to them in Romania.


We will keep you posted on our progress, share photos of the dogs tucking in to their delicious dinners and feeling full and happy. All of this can be made possible because of you and your generosity.


Monthly Food Aid for Carmen's dogs at Bobi Tantava Sanctuary and Rehoming Rescue. She is based on the outskirts of Bucharest in Romania. Carmen is a retired lady who devotes her life to rescuing some of the most needy doggy souls you can imagine. There is a road close and some woodland where people simply throw away dogs. Often big litters of puppies... in the hope that they will run into the road to meet their final fate. It's a very cruel world for stray dogs in Romania. And often they do not survive. Most people just drive past an injured dog by the roadside... Carmen is devoted to rescuing those dogs. Sadly her circumstances are not good. She is doing this on her own with hardly any help at all and she lives on the breadline and even below at times. Life is very hard. But relentless she works for the dogs. Day and night. She sacrifices sleep and her own nourishment. We at Paws2Freedom feel that this dedicated woman deserves help. So we deliver food for her dogs once every month since May 2017. Carmen has on average 50-70 dogs in her care. 

Food Delivery May 2017
Carmen's dogs being curious
Carmen's dogs playing
When will the food be dished up?
Bags of Food
Dogs inspecting the delivery
Carmen's dogs
Invoice Puppy Food
Invoice Dog Food
Another delivery same month
Dogs relaxing in Carmen's yard
Dogs inspecting delivery
More food!



We also welcome your giving via BACS or

Standing Order to our charity bank account


Barclays Bank


43627527 account number

20-50-40 sort code

For international Payments


IBAN GB15 BARC 2050 4043 6275 27

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