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Please Save a Life! 

Foster for Paws2Freedom
Foster a Death Row Pound Dog for Paws2Fr

Dear treasured Supporters!


We need foster homes for all kinds of dogs. With different types issues and needing various degrees of rehabilitation or sometimes even none. We accept foster homes living in flats in some cases, who have no gardens or no direct access to a garden, those who have children (for suitable dogs only) or live in rented accommodation (if landlord provides written permission to keep a dog can be provided).

Our main criteria are life style, commitment and safety (escape proof garden) so the dogs get all they need to become the best they can be. A number of our dogs are rescued in the UK and quite a few are from abroad. Dogs from abroad as well as traumatized UK rescue dogs need a special approach and we would request for our guidelines to be followed. You can read them here. We are currently only able to accept foster homes in Cornwall and Devon.  

Our dogs come from a variety of different situations. They come in all shapes and sizes, breeds and ages. Some with health problems, others are oldies, some need help with fear issues or other behaviour problems. We will match the right dog with the right foster home wherever we can. And when it comes to rehoming we work closely with our fosterers as they know the dogs best. Our foster homes are an essential and much treasured part of our Paws2Freedom family. 


Some of you may already know that Paws2Freedom at times provides transport for some of the unlucky dogs who have found themselves in UK pounds. All too often, strays and abandoned dogs end up in such places. Frequently given just a very short space of time often as little as only 7 days to be claimed or re-homed before being put to sleep as pounds don't have the space for them all, hence many thousands of healthy dogs lose their lives in the UK every year.

There are also desperate dog owners who are unable to cope for a variety of reasons or afford to keep their dogs any longer and would like to know that their companions will be safe and get what they need.

Paws2Freedom would like to step up that work by now also providing desperately needed rescue space for those poor souls, which will only be made possible by recruiting suitable foster homes.


We would like to build a foster home network of kind-hearted and like-minded people. People like yourselves, who want to make a difference and give these angels a hope of a future. No dog should lose their lives because they are unwanted!

Our own rescue location doesn’t have the capacity for any more dogs at present. Without fosterers willing to take them in and give them a new start in life, more lives will be lost in the UK pounds and for dogs abroad who often live in very basic if not horrific conditions. There are also many pet dogs who are being surrendered to us who may have issues of various degrees which need addressing.

This is where you come in. Can you stand with us and volunteer to be a fosterer for a Paws2Freedom rescue dog? Without you we can do nothing, with you we can change the world for some of these dogs.


Will I have to pay any costs?


Apart from asking you to provide a good quality food for the dog you are fostering, it is entirely free! Vet and rehabilitation costs would be covered by us, however a donation would always be most appreciated if possible. What matters to us the most though, is that a safe and happy temporary home be found for a dog in need.

Some families fall in love with their foster dog and would like to keep them as their forever dog. If this is the case the foster contract will be changed to an adoption one and our adoption donation becomes payable.


How do I become a foster home for Paws2Freedom dogs?


We are looking for foster homes in Cornwall and Devon, simply because we can be physically at hand to help where needed which sadly is not possible in the same way outside our area. All our applicants will have to fill in an application which if successful would be followed up by some video footage wherever possible, a home visit and foster contract.


Some dogs come from family situations where circumstances have changed or the person has passed away. Others can't cope with behaviour problems. With these dogs we often get the chance to meet them or speak to the current family. It is an advantage to know as much as possible about at dog. But if the dog comes from abroad for example, often their history is unclear and they have never lived in a home before or encountered a life as we know it here in the UK. These dogs need extra help and patience.  A great number of dogs in UK pounds also have an unknown history and therefore, they can't be assessed in great detail prior to foster. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages and temperaments.


It is very important for us to know which type of dog you are able to accommodate and also which issues you are prepared to work with. Once we have discussed this with you in detail and logged it with us here we can then go ahead and place a suitable foster dog with you.

You will have our full support at all times during your fostering. That means we are there for you with help, advice and if needed, rescue back up if you feel unable to continue with the dog. This means we will take the dog into our care until another suitable foster home can be found.


Fostering a dog requires a firm commitment and will to succeed, a realistic and sympathetic view, as well as heaps of love and patience too, but the rewards are immense.


Could this be you? Would you like to become a home fosterer for a dog with Paws2Freedom?


If so, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We will be delighted to hear from you and help you begin your fostering journey with us.


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