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GRANT -  Crossbreed (Collie/Shepherd Dog cross)



Size: 50-55cm shoulder height approx (medium-large size)

Sex: male

Age: 10 years approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Temperament: friendly cuddle monster, likes to attach himself to his human. pretty much obsessed with food which is his favourite next to attention and cuddles. Grant is also insecure in many ways and will benefit immensely from confidence building exercises (our canine coach will advise free of charge). Having collie in him, he does display some of their traits eg herding/rounding up and occasional ankle nipping of other dogs that he is trying to round up.

Grant is prone to minor ear infections and regular cleaning once a week for prevention is essential. Sadly his ears are deformed from years of untreated infection which makes it easier for bacteria to fester sadly. After treating his ears at the vets and regular maintenance Grant did not have any infections. 

Child friendly: yes. Older children preferred as he may unintentionally hurt a younger child and as long as they don't crowd him and respect his boundaries. Grant is a dog who values his own space at times. As this adoption will be his retirement home Grant would absolutely prefer a very quiet home without resident children where he can get lots of attention

Dog friendly: yes, but takes a little while for him to get used to a new dog. Tries to hump a new male to find out how far he can go/establish where he stands. Once used to a new dog he is totally fine with them and enjoys their company and playtime. Grant is very competitive over food and affection hence would prefer to live as an only dog at his age now

Cat friendly: not known

Behaviour/Training needs:

Grant has got quite a good recall. He is very food orientated which makes him easy to train for rewards.  However,  it also means he can be a bit of a challenge in his excitement around food which his previous people have already worked with a lot. Grant has been known to be a very persistent counter surfer and food thief. He will stubbornly bark if he wants something that is denied. Something his adopters will need to work with. 

Often insecure due to his limited experiences in life which will improve over time.  

He loves attention and cuddles, but needs to learn not to demand that. In his previous home they found that sometimes he valued being left alone. It is important to give him that space when he needs it. This may deminish in time or may be one of his character traits. Only time will tell. 

Has a strong tendency to guard his resources, eg food and people which comes from years of having to compete with other dogs in a shelter where there was never enough of either. This is fairly easily discouraged though as Grant wants to please and will look to you for guidance, and again, Grant will need confidence building that he is doing ok, is good enough as he is and that all good things are always plenty in his life from now on. This may take a some time due to the past years in a shelter. 

Needs lead training if his adopters need him to be walked on a lead in public. He is not quite at ease when walked in busy public places as Grant does need help with lead training until he feels comfortable on it. It would not be advisable to put him into this situation until trust has been built and he realizes that he can rely on you for leadership and protection. This is very common in long term shelter dogs and strays in general who don't feel secure being restricted on a lead which takes away their option of flight. Hence many of them are reactive when lead walked. Grant can react out of his gentle and friendly character and bark and lunge at other dogs and people when restrained as this is not familiar to him. Patience and experience with this would be beneficial, however we are more than happy to provide help and guidance throughout. If adopters need to leave Grant alone in the house they have to work with him on that first please and increase the time very gradually to avoid stress. Food toys for example are a good way to keep him occupied. Grant has never been on his own without either human or dog company. He is fine to be left with another dog for company here with us, but may bark for a few minutes initially. 

Housetrained: yes, but initial accidents due to the change of situation are not unusual. However, he was clean in his previous short term home and is also clean here. 

Bloodtested: before pet travel he tested negative for heartworm, ehrlichia, lyme disease and anaplasmosis. Passed his health check in the UK too. 

Location: Cornwall

Ideal Home: 

Grant's home would ideally be rural or at least semi rural. Settled and quiet, as well as child free. No expectations on Grant who is a lovely oldie with quirks resulting from his past. In the right setting there will be hardly any problems. He loves life here which is ideal for him in most ways, apart from actual home life missing. He has a field he can run around in and loves to follow our every step. Grant would be very happy as an only dog with his people for company as he adores his hoomans. A home where his greed issues don't matter with someone who is prepared to manage them would be perfect. His issues stem from previous years of deprivation and need for survival in the shelter. Grant needs kind and friendly leadership and someone who only uses reward based training and patience. No harsh treatment despite his persistence. Any aggression on behalf of people will eventually breed aggression in a dog too who then sadly only too often gets the blame and it would be a crying shame for this darling dog if anything like that happened. He only experienced kindness here and we only ever got kindness in return and never did he resent us once. We love Grant very much, but he deserves a forever home and his very own sofa now.  Our canine coach is brilliant and happy to give advice and back up for free throughout if needed. 

Hello my name is GRANT and this is my story:

I wish I could tell you a really exciting story of my life. One full of adventure, love and wonder.... but sadly this is not the case. My story is in fact very simple and short. I was found as a stray and taken to the Bark Ark rescue shelter when I was still quite a young dog. In a way I was lucky as I did not have to be in the main shelter, but ended up in Rada's smaller shelter who takes some of the Bark Ark dogs when possible. It's not as noisy there, but still very busy and not a relaxed place to be. The years went by and nobody ever came for me. I was always left behind while other dogs came and went. During that time I also had an accident and lost my tail :'( I was overlooked time and time again until I had lost all hope. Time took its toll on me and I changed from the beautiful young dog with shiny fur to an older version of me who you can see in my recent photos. And then my day of hope and joy came when I least expected it. I was finally chosen! Paws2Freedom had stepped up for me when they heard of my plight and after almost 6 years in kennels I was finally getting my chance of finding my very own forever home where I will be loved and cherished. I still could not believe my luck. Me! I am not so young any longer and this feels like winning the happy doggy lottery to me. Oh I just could not wait to come to the UK and be finally allowed home comforts and a normal life.

I have been in the UK now for some time and someone very kind took me in and even considered giving me a forever home. Sadly it did not work out so after 3 months I had to leave. They loved me, but it was decided that there would be a more suitable home out there for me. I will need a home where someone accepts me like I am. I will be a big friend to you I promise, but please remember my past and how this would affect how much time I need to get used how things are done and what is expected of me. I will try my best, but I am not young any longer and need time, patience and understanding so I can gain trust and feel more confident. After my time in home foster I came to Paws2Freedom where they just took me as I am. Please can you do the same for me? 


If you would like to apply for giving me my forever home, please complete an application form as a first step. But please bear in mind that I might also be advertised on other sites too and I hope that you understand that there may be more than one application to my name by the time you have completed yours for me. 

Please enjoy my photos. Some show me in the shelter as my younger self when I still had my tail when they rescued me years ago. Some others when I was in my temporary home and also some at Paws2Freedom.

There are also videos where you can see me with my friends which shows me when I meet a new dog off lead. I am a bit noisy and full on, but I don't fight. Since at Paws2Freedom I met many dogs, male and female. It takes me a while to see what they are like and then I really love to play with them. 

If you would like to support Bark Ark dogs like me a bit I would be ever so grateful. Your donation will help so much and every penny counts. This is a big rescue mission for such a small charity and we can't do it without you. If you could mark your kind giving with ‘Bosnian Dogs’ your funds will be put towards my costs or that of another dog like me. 

Thank you so much from my happy heart and excited paws ~ Love, Grant ♥



We also welcome your giving via BACS or Standing order to our charity bank account


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43627527 account number

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