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FOR ADOPTION (£150 oldie adoption donation) 
FOREVER-FOSTER (free, under the P2F sanctuary-foster-dog-scheme) 

GRANT -  Crossbreed (possible Sheepdog x Spaniel )



Granty is already older and looking for his retirement home. We are aware that not everyone is able to provide for vet costs which can be hefty for older dogs and would therefore also be happy to consider applications for forever-foster instead of adoption. The main criteria is the right home which despite his (estimated) years could not be with someone of too advanced an age. Grant is a much loved long termer here and we tried for him previously, but sadly without success. He needs a special home where he will be appreciated for the rest of his years.  


Size: 50cm shoulder height approx 

Sex: male

Age: 11 years approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes, but not up to date. 

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: most likely yes as Grant is a very kind and sweet natured dog. Having said that, keeping in mind that this will be his retirement home Grant would prefer a quiet and settled home without resident children. He needs a home where he can live like a prince. If there are visiting children then under strict supervision only which goes without saying. Older children would be best though as Grant values his own space at times and would not cope well with young lively children running about. He can also be a bit bouncy and may unintentionally hurt a young child. 

Dog friendly: yes, we never had a problem here and he met lots of dogs. Grant can be quite competitive over food and affection where he might try to push the other dog out of the way hence would be easier to manage if he lived as an only dog. We crate him during meal times to avoid problems. 
Grant has enjoyed the company of a number of foster dogs and became friends with them all. However, he does prefer females and is much easier going with them. Initially it takes a little while for him to get used to a new dog, mainly if they are male.  Sometimes he tries to hump a new male to establish where he stands. We don't interfere so they can sort it between them which is quite quick, and have never once seen him fight or retaliate when being told off, other than with barking. Once used to a new dog he is totally fine with them and enjoys their company and playtime. He has seen a lot of dogs come and go here, male and female of different ages, breeds and sizes, and we hope it will be his turn soon. 

Cat friendly: not tested

Temperament/Behaviour/Training needs:


Affectionate and super friendly cuddle monster, likes to attach himself to his human and follow them around. Grant is what we call a 'velcro-dog' who will try follow you around wherever you go. 

Happy, strong and healthy. Energetic for an older pooch and loves to run and play. He chases after a tennis ball, rope toy or frisbee with enthusiasm. Loves a game of chase with another doggy too. 

One of his favourite activities is to dive into one of our high grass tufts in the field. He loves to also make a nest in there and watch the world go by. Grant loves life! He is not a dog who would be happy with just a few lead walks round the block. Grant will need much more than that. 


Grant has got quite a good recall here in our field, but that's not to say he will be the same if walked in different places. It's a good start though and he does in general like to stay close to his people which is already a bonus. Mostly, Grant doesn't leave our side much and follows us around. 

Grant is crate trained and happily sleeps or just rests in his crate with the door open. When we close it on occasion (during mealtimes close to other dogs) he barks for a bit and then settles after a few minutes. His crate training, with either door open or closed, is something his future people could use to fit into their routine if and when needed. 

He has a tendency to jump up at us which he does and bark to say 'Hi, so happy to see you, what's next?'. With our way of life here we don't mind at all as we are always surrounded by dogs doing pretty much the same, but it could also be discouraged if not wanted. 

Grant can also be very stubborn and persistent when he's got something that he wants or objects to. As kind, loyal and cuddly as he is, Grant is also strong-willed. He likes to talk and make himself heard if he feels the need! Which means he barks at times and it can be quite a loud bark too. He barks as a greeting in excitement or  in play with another dog which is short lived. Grant can get more persistent if he wants food or is separated from the people he adores. This will take patience and consistency to modify.


Pretty much obsessed with food (needs to lose a few pounds too which we are working on) and would not hesitate to steal anything off a worktop or the table, as well as raid a bin if given the chance. Food is his favourite next to attention and cuddles. Not unusual for a dog who comes from a background of constant food competition and often scarcity followed by a glut of food. Best to keep worktops clear and bins secured, as well as keep him in another room or behind a baby gate at meal times.

Being very food orientated makes him easy to train for rewards which is a positive, but Grant also responds to praise very well.  Grant would jump through hoops for a tasty morsel though! However, it also means he can be a bit of a challenge in his excitement around food. During meal times or meal preparation times you may have to take him out of the room. 


Can be insecure in certain situations due to his limited experiences in life which will most likely improve over time with slow and careful introducing to the outside world. Here he enjoys our field and does not go out in public much at all, so Grant will have to get used to that in his new life and we are pretty sure that he will love it. 

Will need a bit of help with lead training. He is not quite at ease when walked in busy public places but would learn with calm, confident and slow introduction. Patience and experience with this would be beneficial, however we are more than happy to provide help and guidance throughout whenever needed.  

Here he is fine being left for a few hours at a time. Grant has never been on his own without either human or dog company, but he should cope well as an only dog if his people are able to give him the time, stimulation and training he needs. He is fine to be left with another dog for company here with us, but may bark for a few minutes initially. However, in a new home he will need to trust that his people won't abandon him and it will be crucial to increase the time very gradually to avoid stress. Food toys for example are a good way to keep him occupied. A large grate as his safe space may help too as he is used to this here. 

Grant had a home for a very short time which sadly did not work out and they returned him to us. Grant's next home has to be his last for the rest of his years. 

House trained: yes, but initial accidents due to the change of situation are not unusual. However, he was clean in his previous short term home and is also clean here. 

Health/Blood Tests: Being of Bosnian origin he was blood tested before pet travel and tested negative for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis. Passed his health check in the UK too. 
Before Grant leaves here for his new home we will get him Brucellosis tested which we now do as a matter of course for all overseas dogs, while Brucellosis wasn't even talked about when Grant came to the UK. 

Location: Cornwall

Ideal Home: 

Cornwall/Devon only please.

Grant's home would ideally be rural or at least semi rural as busy town life would overwhelm him.


He would like a good size grassed garden as he just so loves lying and rolling in the cool grass.

A home without resident children would be ideal.


Settled and calm with lots of time to give to Grant for affection and training. As this will be his retirement home we would prefer for Grant to be a big focus in someone's life for his remaining years.


His new home needs to be realistic, experienced with rescue dogs and without too many expectations on Grant who is a lovely oldie with some quirks and unknowns, resulting from his past.


He loves life here which is almost ideal for him in most ways, apart from actual home life missing. Grant needs a proper home for his final years! He lives in a summer house here which he shares with other dogs who are here on a temporary basis. He has a field he can run around in and play with other dogs a few times a day and loves to follow our every step.


Grant would be very happy as an only dog with his people for company as he adores his hoomans, but he could also share his home with another dog, preferable an older placid female who still likes to play. 


He is looking for a home where he is understood and his greed issues don't go against him. Grant is a very persistent dog if he has his mind on something and will test your patience.... usually around food! His new people need to understand Grant and be prepared to manage what needs managing. Grant's food issues simply stem from previous years of severe deprivation and need for survival in the Bosnian dog shelter where he was with many, many other dogs (100ds!).

Grant needs kind and friendly leadership. He is a very sensitive soul and does not deal well with any harsh treatment. This kind natured dog only ever experienced kindness and fun here and we always found him very loyal and sweet in return. We love Grant very much, but he deserves a proper forever home and his very own sofa now. 

It will be very important for Grant to be given ample time to decompress once he goes to his new home. Please read our
new rescue dog advice here.  

As part of our rescue back up, our canine coach will help with professional advice/visits/meets if any challenges present themselves. 

Hello my name is GRANT and this is my story:

I wish I could tell you a really exciting story of my life. One full of adventure, love and wonder.... but sadly this is not the case. My story is in fact very simple and short. I was found as a stray in Bosnia and taken to the massive Bark Ark rescue shelter when I was still quite a young dog. In a way I was lucky as I did not have to be in the main shelter, but ended up in Rada's smaller shelter who takes some of the Bark Ark dogs when possible. It's not as noisy there, but still very busy, hectic  and not a relaxed place to be unfortunately. The years went by and nobody ever came for me. I was always left behind while other dogs came and went. During that time I also had an accident and lost my tail :'( I was overlooked time and time again until I had lost all hope. Time took its toll on me and I changed from the beautiful young dog with shiny fur to an older version of me. And then my day of hope and joy came when I least expected it. I was finally chosen! Paws2Freedom had stepped up for me when they heard of my plight and after almost 6 years in kennels I was finally getting my chance of finding my very own forever home where I will be loved and cherished. I still could not believe my luck. Me! I am not so young any longer and this feels like winning the happy doggy lottery to me. Oh I just could not wait to come to the UK and be finally allowed home comforts and a normal life.

I have been in the UK now for some time and someone kind took me in and even considered giving me a forever home. Sadly it did not work out so after 3 months I had to leave. It was decided that there would be a more suitable home out there for me. I will need a home where someone accepts me like I am. I will be a big friend to you I promise, but please remember my past and how this would affect how much time I need to get used how things are done and what is expected of me. I will try my best, but I am not young any longer and need time, patience and understanding so I can gain trust and feel more confident. After my short home experience I came to Paws2Freedom where they just took me as I am. Please can you do the same for me? 


If you would like to apply for giving me my forever home, please complete an application form as a first step. 

Please enjoy my photos and videos. I can be a bit noisy and full on at times, but I don't fight. Since at Paws2Freedom I met many dogs, male and female. It takes me a little while to see what they are like and then I really love to play with them. I have to say that I am a bit of a lady's man though. 

If you would like to support dogs like me a bit I would be ever so grateful. Your donation will help so much and every penny makes a difference to changing a life.

Thank you so much from my happy heart and excited paws ~ Love, Grant ♥

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