The following information below (click button) is well written and aimed at adopting a romanian or other foreign dog, but can also be applied to UK rescue dogs who have had a traumatic past. It outlines scenarios which may or may not occur, depending on your chosen dog and where or from what situation he/she was rescued from. It is always best to be prepared for the worst just in case. Better safe than sorry. There is a useful checklist too for equipment you may wish to purchase. 

Dogs who are in foster with us will all be fitted with a secure triple strap harness which is the only escape proof design on the market. Sadly the word 'safety harness' or 'anti escape harness' can be misleading. We have experienced ourselves and heard from other rescues so many things that initially we would have not believed can happen. If for some reason your dog cannot be handled in order to be fitted with such a harness, a well fitted collar, lead or standard harness are an alternative AS LONG AS a slip lead is also fitted at the same time for back up (not used until absolutely needed though) is the alternative. It is absolutely essential to always double up! We cannot stress this enough. 

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