HAZEL   Crossbreed / Beagle Cross possibly 



Size: 40-45cm shoulder height approx - medium size dog

Sex: female

Age: 1 year approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Temperament: super friendly, young lively energetic dog, playful and submissive with people, bouncy and happy-go-lucky dog, acts like a goofy puppy. Hazel is a warm, loving dog. She seems content and happy, but still a little nervous. She’ll happily have a harness put on and loves a walk. She’s amazing on lead. She’s definitely a bit worried when we see other dogs out on walks (when she's on the lead), but that’s quite fixable. We’ve started some recall training but haven’t let her off the lead yet. I now living indoors and adjusted very quickly, not a noise or accident in the house. She loves the crate. Hasn’t chewed anything. Loves the bigger dogs, but took a dislike to the resident pup. She is nervous of traffic and needs building up very slowly. 

Child friendly: Older dog experienced children would be considered, as she still needs to learn boundaries and may unintentionally hurt a young child.  

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: not known

Other animals: not known

Behaviour/Training needs: lead and recall training started and Hazel is doing well. needs help with gaining confidence, especially with traffic which she is nervous of. 

Housetrained: yes

Bloodtested: before pet travel she has tested negative for heartworm, ehrlichia, lyme disease and anaplasmosis, passed her health check before travel and here in the UK too.

Location: Cornwall

Ideal Home:  Hazel would be looking for someone kind and patient who understands her past, can work with Hazel at her pace and does not overwhelm her. She will reward you with loyalty, trust and friendship. Hazel is used to being with other dogs, but would also be ok living as an only dog as long as she is not left on her own overly long and gets to share lots of time with her people. A good size secure garden would be beneficial for training and especially the intial settling in period where she shouldn't be walked in public places. 

Hello my name is HAZEL and this is my story.


Like many dogs in Bosnia I was an abandoned stray pup fighting for survial and at high risk of being poisoned, shot or ending up in a kill shelter. I am only just over a year old and the shelter was all I knew. Every day competing for food, a dog hut and attention which there was never enough of. it was what I knew as my home though. One day the shelter owner got ordered to reduce the number of dogs considerably or the authorities would euthanize at least half of us in the shelter. So we were getting very desperate. But I was one of the lucky ones as Paws2Freedom took mercy on me and here I am, in the UK  with a brighter future ahead. 

Because I grew up in a shelter I had not seen anything much of life until I arrived in the UK not so long ago. Especially not life as you know it and consider normal. But I am eager to learn and would love a warm and comfy home and family to call my own. My dream is to be truly wanted and to belong. Could it be with you? 


If you would like to apply for giving me my forever home, please complete an application form as a first step. But please bear in mind that I am advertized on other sites too and I hope that you understand that there may be more than one application to my name by the time you have completed yours for me. 

Please enjoy my photos. They show me in Bosnia in the shelter, at Paws2Freedom and also at my vet appointment. There is also a little video where you can see a bit more of me. 

If you would like to support me and dogs like me a bit I would be ever so grateful. Your donation will help so much and every penny counts. Rescuing dogs like me is a big rescue mission for such a small charity and we can't do it without you. If you could mark your kind giving with ‘Bosnian Dogs’ your funds will be put towards my costs or that of another dog like me. 

Thank you so much from my hopeful little heart and fluffy paws ~ Love, Hazel ♥

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