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2 legged Max

Max in Hydrotherapy

The RETREAT Canine Hydrotherapy

Our darling dog Max who is a massive inspiration to all who meet him is learning to swim! 

You can read his story of how it all began here  and a year later here.

As Max was showing the first little signs of wear on his front joint and wanting to avoid a cart for as long as possible for this lively little dog, we decided to try him on hydrotherapy to maintain his strength by non weight bearing exercise.


We felt so blessed when one of our kind supporters so very generously donated the first 6 sessions so we could try how our little Max would take to swimming. Our main worry was that Max with his rare disability would not be able to learn to swim. Would he keep his balance? Would he be scared? Our supporter recommended this most amazing and dog loving hydrotherapy pool not too far from us. After the stipulated vet check up to assure that Max would be healthy enough for hydrotherapy, we embarked on his journey into the water. And once again Max surprised us beyond measure! After only a few sessions with his buoyancy vest little Max was confident enough to try and swim without his aid. That moment! We were so proud and in tears seeing Max swim unaided for the very first time. This boy is just an inspiration in every way! 



We cannot recommend the team from THE RETREAT CANINE HYDROTHERAPY highly enough. They are just so fantastic. Ever so professional, skilled, friendly, caring and just so very dog loving. We felt that our Max was safe in their hands at all times. You can also find them on their facebook pageWe could not wish for anything more and our Max just loves them!


Look at all the lovely photos and videos of our hero dog. Isn't he just fabulous!


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