Available for Adoption Cornwall/Devon

Currently in a private shelter in Bosnia waiting for travel preps and travel to resume. Jessie will be coming to us for assessment and rehoming.


Size: 50cm shoulder height approx 

Sex: female

Age: 3 approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Temperament: Collie type, very active dog. Friendly and submissive.

Child friendly: Yes, but cannot be rehomed with children. See our assessment report below.

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: not tested, but probably not

Behaviour/Training needs: learning to sit and working on Jessie's recall too. She is afraid of traffic and we are working on this with her daily and find she has much improved already.

Housetrained: yes, but accidents need to be expected in the initial days.

Bloodtested: while in Bosnia Jessie tested negative for heartworm and tick borne ehrlichia, anaplasmosis and lyme disease

Ready to travel: currently in Launceston looking for a loving forever home in Cornwall/Devon.


Jessie’s story is one of abandonment and fighting for survival on the streets of Derventa, a city in Bosnia. Bojan from the Bark Ark Shelter was called to ‘clean up’ the streets from this unsightly street dog. If he had not gone to take her, Jessie’s fate would have been a very cruel one and she would not have survived. This poor kind soul who doesn’t mean any harm to anyone. A street dog who did not choose to be born into this life. An innocent victim of people’s failures, disagreements and lack of compassion. A sadly all too typical story in the Balkans where street dogs at best get fed by some kind people, but are mainly regarded as a nuisance. So Bojan caught Jessie with kindness and took her to his shelter. At least here she had a chance of being spotted and picked. She would have food and was safe. And this is exactly what happened for this darling girl. We saw Jessie’s sweet face and our hearts just melted.


Jessie will come to us here at Paws2Freedom over the coming weeks/months once logistics and resources allow. She will be looking for her very own forever home here in our area of Cornwall/Devon.


Thank you so much for reading this lovely girl’s story. If you are interested in this girl please keep an eye on our page/website for updates in the coming weeks.


If in the meantime you would like to help Jessie with your support, she would welcome your kind donation and love.


With love, gratitude & paws from Jessie and P2F.


Jessie arrived at Paws2Freedom in September and sadly her home offer fell through for logistical reasons so she is looking again. 

Jessie is a very friendly, gentle and kind girl. A very shy dog initially. Generally a dog who wants to please. She also gently jumps and hugs her people which is something her new guardians may wish to discourage or may find endearing.


Sadly her reactions suggest that she has suffered abuse in her past. Sudden movements or loud harsh tone of voices can have her cower and shy away, which is why we would like to see this darling girl in a home without children. Visiting older children will most likely be ok if they would respect Jessie's boundaries and treat her with patience, kindness and understanding while not overwhelming her.


Jessie needs a calm, settled and understanding home without many comings and goings or changes where she can relax and learn to trust humans again. She very much wants to and just needs to be shown kindness for her to lose her fear of anything painful happening to her again. It would be most beneficial for Jessie to share her life with a confident and balanced dog as her role model. She very much takes guidance from other dogs and copies a lot of their behaviour. With Jessie being insecure in a variety of situations we will give preference to a home with another friendly dog of roughly the same age. 


Jessie loves to play, run and go skit-scat with excitement which is hilarious to watch. When she sees a cat, bird or field rat out on the walk she wants to give chase. She also likes to explore the banks and warrens where wildlife made a home. She loves life and her daily walks. Being mostly collie she enjoys quite a lot of exercise to keep her happy and content. 


Patience is not Jessie's strongest point; standing still on the lead for example is hard for her and she starts to whine. Jessie does not bark a lot, but can be quite vocal when happily excited which she expresses in high pitched noises and soft howling rather than excessive barking.


She is s very clever cookie and is now responding to her name and has learned to sit. Her future guardians would need to continue her training by means of gentle and fun methods only. A good recall will be essential for Jessie to learn and she is already doing quite well. Being quite food and affection orientated and being mostly collie, training Jessie is pure joy. She wants to please her people so much. 


She loves cuddles and attention, the more the better. Jessie also likes other dogs and having a brother or sister of roughly the same age would suit her very well. However, she would also enjoy living as an only dog as long as she is allowed to make friends with other dogs too.

We have tested leaving Jessie on her own for a short time. She initially barked for a bit and then calmed. We would not recommend to leave Jessie on her own for long periods of time though. Her future adopters should take leaving her in stages and get her to trust that they are coming back. However, as we would prefer a home with another dog for Jessie we cannot see a problem with separation anxiety as she is very content here while being left in the company of her 2 fellow doggies. 

Jessie has passed her health check here at out vet, but has been discovered to have a cracked molar which needs sorting at some point. For now it does not seem to cause her any problems, but it would be a good idea to get this sorted. Her future adopters need to be aware of this.

Jessie is a country girl at heart. When she first arrived she was petrified of traffic. We are walking her along a busy road for a bit every day and she has improved so much already, but still has to gain more confidence. 

We would like to see Jessie in a home with a large enough secure garden where she can play and be trained further. A 6ft fence would ideal to keep her safe. 

As Jessie gains confidence and settles in she will guard her home by barking, but she stops when told which is something we have started teaching her. We recommend to reward this with lavish praise and a treat or cuddle for example when she shows obedience. She responds ever so well to positive reinforcement/reward based training. 

As for food, she loves her food! We don't recommend a kibbles only diet. She had this most likely all her life. In our opinion this type of diet may be convenient for us, but is pretty boring for the dogs. Here Jessie is being fed a mix of Butchers tin food and chicken necks. We also add leafy greens and if we have had a donation of dried food we soak some to avoid the dogs drying out from the inside and add the mash to the mix. Jessie loves the menu here and never leaves anything in her bowl. She shares a space with 2 other females here, but they all get fed in crates to assure they are relaxed and don't compete over each other's food. Jessie is now crate trained if this was required in her new home.


She travels well in the car and is very friendly with people and other dogs if they are friendly with her.


Jessie will make a wonderful and very loyal companion to the right person or couple. Taking Jessie into your heart and home would be something you will not regret. She is just a lovely girl. If you are interested in Jessie or have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch ♥




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