Target reached - Appeal closed





Thank you so much to all of you kind hearted people for your support in the past and to every one new to us, for finding us today. We love our supporters very much and could not do what our small rescue does without your help.


The Bark Ark Shelter is doing a fantastic job by saving stray and injured dogs from certain death or

from being dumped into a cruel kill shelter. Despite their limited resources they are still achieving so very much.


We are proud to be their friends and partner organisation in Cornwall/Devon and where shocked to hear that after already reducing the number of dogs from 700 to 500 through dedicated rehoming, they now have been ordered to reduce the number by a further 100 within 90 days. Yes 100!!

Dog’s lives are at risk now! If this can't be achieved and maintained Bark Ark cannot take new dogs in and may even have to see some of their shelter dogs destroyed.


Paws2Freedom want to help in any way we can! Hence we have committed to taking 13 dogs at the end of July, provide full rescue back up for one more who was adopted directly from the shelter and offer transport help for another dog who is going into foster in a different county. We would like to take another big group on the next transport too so we can help ease the burden. 


This is by far the biggest group of dogs we have ever taken and so will be the next group too. We are desperate for funds and also for Cornwall/Devon based temporary foster homes, as well as forever homes.


With hope and desperation we are reaching out to you our wonderful supporters. Please help however you can so these dogs can be saved and have a wonderful new life ahead of them.


We would so love to hear from you or receive your kind donation. You can find all the information you need on our website www.paws2freedom.org


Together we bring hope and we are changing lives for the better!


With hope and gratitude from all of us at Paws2Freedom ♥