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LANA - Mixed Breed



This beautiful girl's name means LIGHT which is such a delightful and graceful name for this gorgeous three legged girl, given Lana's gentle nature after all she has been through.

Size: 55 cm approx shoulder height

Sex: female

Age: 3 years approx (Jan 

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: yes, but only older children 10+ who understand and respect a dog's boundaries as she is such a shy girl. 
She’s excellent with older children and not tested with young children. 

Dog friendly: yes, but prefers her own space. She initially lived with other dogs at the shelter owner’s place and tolerated it while keeping herself to herself. Lana would prefer to spend her life as an only dog though. She is not harming other dogs at all and lived peacefully alongside them in the shelter owner's place. We did not experience any issues when Lana arrived in the UK either, but she much prefers her own space rather than interact and play with other dogs. When there are other dogs present Lana does guard her food from them which is not unusual behaviour in a dog who never quite had enough of anything. 
Here in the UK foster her family found that Lana is quite nervous around other dogs and if they come too close she may show this by growling to ask they leave her be. She never snapped or showed any aggression though and the dogs tend to understand and leave her in peace. Lana is not a fighter at all. She just prefers people.

Cat friendly: yes, she did have contact with cats at the shelter owner's place. Not tested in the UK as no cats at her foster home. 

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs: 

Lana is a very timid dog and absolutely gorgeous around people. She is beautifully behaved in the house and mostly wants to sleep in her crate or on the sofa and go for short walks. As mentioned previously Lana prefers to seclude herself from other dogs rather than interact with them. Being such a gentle girl who just wants to please, Lana is quickly picking up routines and commands. Will benefit from general training, confidence building and slow, calm socializing to outdoor life. We believe she didn't have many experiences in her past. Lana is a very gentle and loyal dog who will be a wonderful companion to you. 

House trained: yes

Blood tested/Health: Tested negative for Brucellosis, Leishmans, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia and passed her general pre-travel health check. She has since been health checked in the UK and was found in good general health.

Recently wormed. with Milbemax.

It was decided to have the rest of Lana's leg amputated as it is getting in the way while she is not using it for anything at all and moves like a happy tripod already. We did consider an artificial limb for Lana, but after consultation with an experienced vet in orthopaedic matters we decided against it, considering how super well Lana is coping already, plus taking into account what is involved and the risks associated with it. She is happy as she is and will be even happier with the weight of the redundant leg part removed. This will be done during January and we will carry the cost. Surgery date is 24th Jan '23. Lana will need to build up her ability for longer walks which is not mainly because of her amputation but because of her confidence level too. We have dogs with missing limbs here and tend to exercise them mainly on soft ground which is kinder on their joints. We let them decide how much or how little they feel like doing on any day. Lana will not be the right dog for anyone wanting a companion on longer hikes, but she still needs a fair amount of adequate exercise to keep her healthy long term. Lana needs someone who will work around her individual needs. Dogs with missing limbs will not think of themselves as different from other dogs. They just adapt and in general live normal happy long lives, running around, playing and enjoying being a doggy. 

Lana's weight will need to be kept at optimum during her life time as being overweight will cause other challenges for a dog with missing limbs, eg joint pain and early onset of arthritis. 

​Rescue story:
Bojan from the Bark Ark rescue shelter in Bosnia found her with a horrible injury on her front leg caused by a tractor lawn mower. Lana who was in unimaginable pain was taken from her owner who refused to treat her injury and there was sadly no other way than to amputate her paw. We don't know much of her past but she clearly had more than one litter of pups and not much chance to experience love and the fun side of just being a dog. 

Ideal Home: Lana would love to be an only dog. She is looking for a calm and settled home who can give Lana the time and attentions she needs. As well as being sympathetic to the requirements of a three legged dog. She would not be happy living in the middle of town as it would be just too busy and unsettling for her. Given her young age and the potential of Lana becoming more outgoing and playful while she is gaining confidence over time, she would be looking for a younger to middle aged home. 

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