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LESI - Mixed Breed



His wonderful name has many meanings in different cultures and all of them are very beautiful and fitting considering this darling dog’s life, fortunate rescue and miraculous recovery with a bright future ahead of him now.
Lesi means "The future is consistently good", "Good luck", "Light or sun", "Beautiful" and "(because) of love"."


What a meaningful and strong name for this beautiful dog!


Size: 55-60cm approx shoulder height

Sex: male

Age: 4.5 years approx (Feb 23) - this was estimated by our vet 

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: yes, but older children best who are used to living with dogs and respect their boundaries. He is great here with teenage children, but such a sweet insecure soul who needs calm and gentle interaction to build trust. 

Dog friendly: yes he loves to play with other dogs. Lesi would like to live with another dog as a role model to build his confidence, for company and as a playmate who can keep up with him in a nice game of chase for example

Cat friendly: Lesi met cats when he was initially fostered at the shelter owner's place and there was no problem, however Lesi was much weaker back then. He can't be cat tested where he is, hence if there are cats an experienced and realistic family would be preferred. 

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs: 

Leggy Lesi is a gorgeous dog with lots of energy. He likes to explore and sniff and is very curious.


He also likes to be stroked and is affectionate with humans and loves cuddles and is desperate to play with other dogs, but he is shy at first with new people and needs to know that they don't mean him harm. He loves cooked chicken which can be a great ice breaker 


He barks at times and it’s a strange sound as he doesn’t have a full voice, most likely due to damage from his life on a chain. Imagine a young vibrant dog being restrained like that.


He’s nice to walk and learning quickly. Lesi has not been walked in public places. His previous life was very sheltered and his future adopters need to introduce him to outside life gradually and very slowly so not to overwhelm this darling dog. 

House trained: yes. Lesi spends his time divided between house and kennel at the moment. 

Blood tested/Health: Tested negative for Brucellosis, Leishmans, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia and passed his general pre-travel health check. Lesi has since been health checked in the UK and was found in good general health. His condition has improved considerably since he arrived only weeks after his rescue. His sore patches around his neck have healed now. 
Lesi is a dog who shouldn't be walked on collar and lead due to the chain damage. A harness is the kindest way for a dog like him. He prefers soft wet food/meat/soaked kibble and we suspect that hard kibble hurt his throat which is another legacy from life as a chain dog. 

​Rescue story: Lesi had a very sad and bleak life before he was rescued. A life of neglect and boredom. The photos show his beginnings and how he recovered. There is also a little video on his album thread from the day he was found and some new videos too which are truly amazing. Lesi is just wonderful! 

Only about 3 months ago our dear friend Andrea Dervenic from Modrica had come across this poor boy being kept in horrific conditions who spent his life at the end of a chain. The chain around his neck had created wounds and scars which tell their own story about the torment Lesi has endured for the first years of his life. During those years Lesi had called a rickety leaking dog house his home. He was so very skinny, ravenously hungry and extremely depressed when Andrea found him. The owner was an elderly lady with severe mobility issues and yet she was reluctant to let Lesi go. Andrea had to keep visiting and talking before the lady finally gave him up. Lesi was very lucky as finally he got the chance of recovery and rehabilitation at the Bark Ark shelter owner’s place. From there Lesi came into our care where his condition improved so much. 

Ideal Home: Lesi will need a kind, sympathetic and loving home. His family needs to be patient, caring and yet active enough to provide Lesi with the exercise he needs. A large enough secure garden to provide for Lesi's needs is essential. A rural/semi rural setting would be ideal as he won't cope with the stresses of  town living.

Vetting process applies. Meet & Greet will gladly be arranged after the application was approved.

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