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no more applications please

Currently still abroad and will come to us for rehoming once travel can be arranged. Sadly we are unable to make a rehoming decision until we have met Lobo here.



This gorgeous dog is awaiting vet checks and further blood tests. As soon as he is ready and the current global health crisis allows, Lobo will travel to us here and will be looking for his forever home in the Cornwall/Devon area. 



Size and breed: med-large size Mioritic Sheepdog Cross

Sex: Male

Age: 2 years approx

Neutered: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Child friendly: Not assessed with children

Dog friendly: Yes, but needs further assessment

Cat friendly: Not assessed with cats

House-trained: No. Never lived indoors.

Blood tested: Yes. Tested positive for heartworm and is currently under treatment.


Location: Near Bucharest Romania.



Poor Lobo’s story is a tale of sad misfortune to which we are determined to add a happy ending.


He started his life with a man in our friend Carmen’s village who sadly became terminally ill. His illness meant that he became unable to work, money became extremely scarce and the man plunged into severe depression. Carmen heard of his plight and went there from time to time to provide much needed food and love for young Lobo. This is how she got to know him better.

Sadly the situation deteriorated badly… The man started to drink heavily and when he was drunk he kicked Lobo and shouted at poor the unfortunate dog who in turn grew increasingly confused, sad and scared of people.

When finally his owner had to leave his home to be in a sanatorium poor Lobo was left behind. Just like that! Eventually the slowly starving, desperate dog escaped the yard in search of food. But his sad tale was not over yet! To his utter horror he was not met by kindness and generosity which he needed so much. Due to his size, wolfy, scruffy looks and dark colour he was instantly rejected in the most shocking way. The villagers he set all his hopes on for help shouted at him to go away, beat him with sticks and the children threw stones at him. Something that is sadly only too common a scene in Romania. Luckily someone took mercy on Lobo and alerted Carmen who instantly rescued him from this horrific situation and brought him to a safe place not far from her own home.

Lobo is now cared for in a little private shelter. He is quite well looked after, but craves love, attention and a sense of belonging so much. Just like any other dog would do.

Every time Carmen goes to see him Lobo feels so happy and excited that he jumps all over her, only to look profoundly sad when she has to leave which breaks her heart every time.


Carmen asked us for help with Lobo as her own little shelter is full to bursting point and Lobo needs a home desperately. How could we say no? Doesn’t this poor dog deserve a chance of a happy life in safety where he is truly loved and wanted? So Lobo became a Paws2Freedom dog!


The next step will be for him to get fully vet checked and blood tested. Depending on the outcome we will decide what the next step entails. The plan for Lobo is to come to us for assessment and rehoming once he is ready to travel. Sadly due to the current global health crisis we have to be patient. We will update as soon as we have more news on Lobo.


Thank you for reading his story.


With love and paws, from LOBO and P2F.



We also welcome your giving via BACS or Standing order to our charity bank account


Barclays Bank


43627527 account number

20-50-40 sort code

For international Payments


IBAN GB24 BUKB 20504043627527

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