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LUCY- Mixed Breed



Size: 45-50cm approx shoulder height

Sex: female

Age: 3 years approx (Feb 23)

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: yes, she had brief contact with young children while in Bosnia and is brilliant with teenagers here. She can be very fast and enthusiastic and might hurt a very young child unintentionally, hence slightly older children who are used to dogs are preferred.

Dog friendly: yes, would like to live with another dog as a role model, for company and as a playmate who matches in playfulness

Cat friendly: Has had contact with cats (who were used to dogs) while in Bosnia and she was ok with them. Not tested with cats here as there are non where Lucy is kept. 

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs:

Lucy is an all or nothing dog. She’s high energy and running about followed by flopped on your knee for strokes!

She’s easy to walk, house trained and submissive with other dogs, which she enjoys playing with.

Her adopters would need to continue Lucy's training. 


Lucy likes new people as she is very human orientated.


She loves cuddles and a tummy rub is one of her favourites.


She’s well behaved and sleeps well in crate.


She does bark a tiny bit when she can't be part of things, but this is already getting better.

House trained: yes. Lucy spends her time divided between house and kennel at the moment. 

Blood tested/Health: Tested negative for Brucellosis, Leishmans, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia and passed her general pre-travel health check. She has since been health checked in the UK and was found in good general health.
Lucy was found with her right hind leg paw missing which does not seem to bother her. It is a very old injury which healed on its own. She is still using the leg to support herself on and is finding it very useful. Future adopters have to mindful not to take her on continuous long pavement walks. She does pull her leg up and is used to tri-podding along, but it is recommended for Lucy to be walked on soft ground as often as possible. 

​Rescue story: Gorgeous sweet natured Lucy here was found abandoned in the forests near Modrica, Bosnia, nursing her puppies. She was in a poor state and had a paw on her hind leg missing which was a very old injury. It had long healed and we can only imagine what this poor girl must have been though. Lucy still uses her leg at times to support herself and it's not causing her any pain. Hence it was decided to leave it as it is. Surprisingly though, and yet again a testament to how resilient dogs are, Lucy is such a happy and outgoing dog. Full of life, joy and very energetic. Just a fantastic little doggy. She is now well and happy.

Ideal Home: Lucy will need a sympathetic home, ideally not in a town situation. A settled life style would suit her well. She would love to live with another dog for company, as a playmate and role model. Lucy is living in the countryside at the moment and is not exposed to much. We are unsure of her history and her adopters need to be prepared to introduce her to life as we know it gradually. Once Lucy has settled in with you, you will have a loyal friend for life in this gorgeous friendly girl. 

Vetting process applies. Meet & Greet will gladly be arranged after the application was approved.

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