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LUNA - Black Labrador x Weimeraner

Luna was in temporary care (not through us) where she cannot stay much longer. They only kindly stepped in to help the current owner of Luna and is now in the care of Paws2Freedom and currently in assessment foster. 

We will update on Luna here sporadically. 


What we know so far:
Black Labrador x Weimaraner 
Stunning heterochromia eyes. 
Medium size (still growing though) 
7 months
Current Location Launceston, Cornwall 
Not spayed yet
Vaccinations to be confirmed.
Last flea and worm given 13/4/23 
No known health issues.
Fosterer will need to arrange health check and spay (P2F covers costs)
House trained – to be confirmed
She is crate trained. 
Good with intermediate home’s male lab with introduction. 
Probably best no cats as she likes to chase.
She’s not met any small pets or livestock yet. 
Loving girl but very clingy, has separation anxiety where even being left in another room causes distress. As Luna doesn’t like to be left alone, current intermediate home will trial leaving her for a period of time and see how she gets on with that Knows basic commands, high energy. 
Very toy and treat oriented which can also be used as a training tool.
Likes playing ball, eating her food and having a cuddle with her “person”. Dislikes loud noises and being left alone.

From what we understand Luna was bought as an 8 week old puppy and according to current legal owner Luna has a fear of new people and may nip at them. She did not do this when current temporary home met/collected her, but sometimes air snaps at the children. Luna has also shown guarding behaviours in her original home. Never bitten, just nipped. Owner then decided the risk to her 3 children was too big so looked to place in rescue as her home is too loud and stressful for Luna who was clearly not coping. 

Vetting process applies. Meet & Greet will gladly be arranged after the application was approved.

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