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MAIA - Labrador Cross



"Maia is one of those light, ethereal girls' names with mystical overtones and mythical roots. In Roman tradition, Maia was the earth goddess of springtime, and the month of May was named after her. Maiah is also a Maori name that means "brave warrior," giving the name a sense of strength and power."


Size: 55-60cm approx shoulder height

Sex: female

Age: 1.5 years approx (Feb 23)

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: yes, but she is very enthusiastic, hence only older (teenage) children who understand and respect a dog's boundaries. 
She’s excellent with older teenage children and not tested with young children. 

Dog friendly: yes, would like to live with another dog as a role model, for company and as a playmate who can keep up with her

Cat friendly: Has had contact with cats (who were used to dogs) while in Bosnia and she was ok with them. However, Maia is energetic and loves to chase for fun as a lot of dogs would.  If there are cats, only a home experienced and realistic with introducing dogs to cats. She hasn’t been tested with cats here, but is very keen to get to sheep and birds.

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs: 

Maia is a lovely young dog with so much energy. She is fun and not a calm type of Labrador at all. Maia is young and boisterous, totally brimming with youthful energy!

She is very affectionate and seeks human contact. She's a hugger! 

Maia is bright and loves people and is happy and confident. She will love you from the moment she meets you, but needs all the basic training and help to calm!


Maia does jump up and is a big strong dog with no manners as yet. A happy, super friendly and affectionate blunderbuss who needs to learn boundaries. She does pull on your sleeves for attention for example. 

It would be best if someone was with her a lot when she joins her family and most likely on a general basis as she does not like to be separated at this point in time. She’s fine when her current people are with her and when she’s completely left she’s fine, but tends to bark initially. Maia struggles most with when she can see you and can’t get to you. She’s calm and lovely when she’s not enclosed away from you. She has been left and she settles well if she can’t see or hear anything.


She hasn’t been crate trained and her adopters would have to take care of  this should be needed. At this point she barks when inside a crate.

Maia walks ok on a lead, but stops for a cuddle every 10 steps. 

Maia is currently sharing her time between kennel and house. Where she currently is they have a lot of dogs and can't give this girl quite the attention she needs which inspires her barking and in return sets off the other dogs in the home, hence she has been moved into the kennel part for now and her assessment is based on her current circumstances and may change once in a proper home life. 

House trained: yes. Maia spends her time divided between house and kennel at the moment, but is clean in either.

Blood tested/Health: Tested negative for Brucellosis, Leishmans, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia and passed her general pre-travel health check. She has since been health checked in the UK and was found in good general health.

Maia was the victim of a road traffic accident which luckily she survived but it left her with a broken leg. When Maia arrived here in early December she had only just had the rod in her right front leg removed and didn't put much weight on her leg yet. In the past weeks since her arrival she has healed very well and is using her leg fully now. 

​Rescue story: Found in the city centre of Modrica, Bosnia. The kind lady Andrea who came to feed Maia every day could not find her one morning and became increasingly worried. After searching for days she finally found Maia who was suffering with a broken leg after a car must have hit her. Maia was in bad pain and needed surgery. As quickly as possible medical help was provided and Bojan from the Bark Ark rescue shelter took Maia under his wing.

Ideal Home: This darling girl would enjoy life in the countryside or coastal area. An enclosed safe and adequate garden for training and other fun activities will be essential. Maia needs a calm, settled home to provide her with the calming influence she needs. A home with time for walks, training and cuddles. Given her young age and energy level, Maia would be looking for a younger to middle aged home. For the right family Maia would make a fun dog and a super loyal friend for life who will love you forever. 

Vetting process applies. Meet & Greet will gladly be arranged after the application was approved.

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