Reserved pending home check. 

Currently with us for assessment and rehoming.


She is  looking for her forever home in the Cornwall/Devon area. 



Size and breed: Medium- Large size,  50cm approx shoulder height, bosnian Barak Hound Cross 

Sex: female

Age: 7 years approx

Neutered: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Temperament: quite laid back and sweet natured

Child friendly: Yes, she is very sweet and gently, but would not be happy in a home with very young children as she likes her calm space.

Dog friendly: Yes, she currently lived with many other dogs in a shelter in Bosnia and is great with dogs here too. 

Cat friendly: Not assessed with cats, but probably not due to her breed traits

House-trained: Clean indoors. Never had an accident here, but we do take her out 4 times a day.

Ready to travel: She is now in Cornwall. 


Location: Launceston



Come and meet beautiful Maisy!

This gorgeous fluffy girl is a medium size bosnian Barak Hound cross.

Her sad life started in Bosnia where she was found roaming the streets in search of food and love.


Maisy is approx 7 years old and may have had an owner once. We cannot be sure, but most likely she became unwanted and was cruelly abandoned to fight for herself. It is not a good or easy life being a street dog where she was. Her fate would have most likely been that of being shot or poisoned. Maisy is a very sweet soul and would have approached her killer with a hopeful and friendly mind…only to meet the horror of reality. A story sadly too common for dogs in the Balkans.


She was very fortunate though! Maisy’s luck changed when Bojan from the BARK ARK spotted her and took her into his shelter where she was finally safe. This was her chance! The chance for her life to change for the better. Her chance to find a home of her very own. Where she was truly loved and wanted. Sadly due to no fault of her own poor Maisy got passed by time and time again and she slowly became a long termer in the shelter where she has been waiting for a very long 4 years. Even in human years this is a very long time, but imagine what it must be like for a dog! Waiting and waiting… Yes, the dogs in the shelter are all wanted, safe and fed, but with approx 700 dogs at any one time how can there ever be enough love and attention to go round? When we heard about Maisy we stepped up for this darling girl! She is our very first bosnian rescue dog and we are very, very excited to meet her and change her life forever.

If you would like to become part of Maisy’s journey to freedom and happiness we would truly welcome any amount of giving so that we can fund her vet costs, travel preparations and transport to us here in Cornwall which will cost in the region of £400. Please donate with reference MAISY so that we can put the donations aside for her please. More ways to donate below. With sweet kisses and love from Maisy! 

Thank you for reading Maisy's story. 

UPDATE: Maisy is now in Launceston with us and her first week's assessment found Maisy to be the sweetest, gentlest soul anyone can imagine. She tells us by her reactions that she had her share of mistreatment in her life, but she is willing to give her heart and trust again.


Maisy is a fantastic dog. She loves cuddles, daily brushing and does not mind her ears and eyes cleaned or her mouth being inspected.


She walks quite well on the lead most of the time. However, Maisy lacks training and being a hunting dog breed she certainly would benefit from obedience training and channeling her breed traits into the right activities. Very much like spaniels, pointers, terriers and similar breeds with higher prey instincts. We would strongly encourage anyone interested in Maisy to research the wonderful breed of Barak Hounds which is what she mainly is.


Maisy just wants to belong and will make the right person or family a very loyal companion. She does not bark a lot, but she has now started guarding our garden and house for example. When she does bark she also stops when told to.


Maisy wants to please and is just a super dog. She needs someone with experience and willingness to learn for her. Who would enjoy training Maisy in a safe and secure space. Someone gentle and kind who will not overwhelm her and trigger painful past memories in this darling dog.

She has a wonderful sweet temperament which would make her suitable to live with children, but looking at it from Maisy's point of view, considering her nature, we feel that she would be happier in a calmer home without young children. Occasionally visiting young grandchildren for example would not be a problem though as long as they are taught to respect her boundaries.


Even though Maisy is already slightly older she is still very enthusiastic about life, bouncy and playful and always on the lookout for little hidden creatures like rabbits etc. And she got quite barky when she saw the neighbour's cat the other day. For now we are keeping her on a 10m training lead as she tried to get through our stock fencing in the field and given the right incentive would probably clear it. Maisy also loves her quiet times where she can relax and watch the world go by. She often watches the other dogs play without joining in. When they come too close she grumps at them to not invade her space and they listen. We have not seen once ounce of aggression in Maisy.


For now we just let her settle in and explore her surroundings here. We will have her vet checked on the 17th and also start walking her in different places to gauge her confidence level a bit more. If you feel that you are perfect for this delightful lady, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you! 




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