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Hello My Name is Mango! 

I am a Paws2Freedom Sanctuary Dog,

... and this is my Story ... 

Mango came to us 5 years ago after a series of traumatic events in his life.

He suffered terrible injuries after he was captured and tortured by cruel people who tried to cut off his hind legs with wire. Brave Mango managed to escape and he was found by a lovely lady who took pity on him and helped him heal, although his legs will never be the same. Mango used to wait for her at the bus stop every day until one day...he wasn’t there. It is our belief that dog catchers took him while he was waiting for his ‘Mum’ and threw him into the hell hole of Breasta Kill Shelter.

This is where we found him, aged 2 years old, and we got him out. Just days later, hundreds of dogs were brutally put to death there. There is no doubt that Mango would have been one of them.


Initially Mango stayed in the kennel in our garden when he arrived. He had no trust in humans whatsoever and we needed to assess him properly before going any further. He was aggressive and fearful and painfully thin (as you can see in the photos). He fiercely guarded his food, bones and toys (a common trait in dogs who have had to struggle to survive) and when he was touched in certain places, mainly hind legs or if he was stroked for too long, understandably he would attack. It took 3 months of patient work with him before we knew enough about him to introduce him to the other dogs. Things went well and Mango came to live in the house soon after. However, Mango remains very unpredictable. Moko became his best friend until one day Mango decided to turn on him. This continued over the following days. He is like that with others of our dogs too and with humans. He's only okay until he decides not to be.


Mango has been through so much and because of this could never be re-homed. We accept him for who and what he is and he will remain here with us as a sanctuary dog for life.


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