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Max & Gogo as Pups

Max & Gogo

Precious boys Max and Gogo have a truly heartwarming and inspirational story.

MAX’s begins when his family took him to a vet suffering from terrible injuries to his paws and legs. His family said they were due to an ‘accident with a lawn mower’. However, the vet’s opinion is that Max must have been tethered when it happened and that it was very unlikely to have been an accident. Max’s injuries were severe and after the vet explained that to the family, their children decided that Max was broken now and they didn’t want to play with him any longer. Neither did their parents wish to spend the money necessary to pay for his surgery and medication. So, callously and without a backward glance, they told the vet to put him to sleep and they left.

Max was in better hands than that though. The vet’s heart had gone out to this poor, bewildered little soul. So, she decided she would operate on Max and hospitalise him for free if other costs could be met by donations. Sadly, Max lost one of his legs and another was in a very bad way. Despite her best efforts, the vet was unable to save the other leg, Max’s injuries were just too old. So she made the decision to remove that leg too.

She would also need a kind, experienced rescuer to help her. This is when she contacted our dear friend and rescue angel Carmen Dodi and asked her for her help in finding Max a safe place to recover. Carmen’s sanctuary was full to bursting and so she called in Paws2Freedom and asked us for emergency help.

We were only too happy to help and found Max a foster home at Pets and Friends with the wonderful Ramona Apostol. She has helped us with so many of our special cases and we knew Max would be safe and loved there.

However, in the meantime Max had found a friend...

GOGO was just a tiny puppy who had been abandoned and left to fend for himself. He would never have made it. Alone and terrified he was lucky enough to be rescued and that’s where he met Max. Max was alone too, recovering from his surgery at the vet’s and one day this dear, loving little puppy wandered in to see him and promptly sat down beside him and refused to leave. Day by day, Gogo would be found cuddling up to Max or sitting nearby while he received treatment for his hurts. They became inseparable, Gogo cried every time Max was out of sight. So, when we found Max his foster home with Ramona, we arranged for little Gogo to go too! They are there together, giving each other the love, comfort and companionship each of them need so much.

Better news followed. Paws2Freedom has brought Max to us in the UK in late December 2016 so that his injuries could be assessed and to find out if he is suitable for a prosthesis to help him walk. And of course, travelling right by his side will be little Gogo. We were sure he will want to oversee his best friend’s progress and make sure we are caring for him properly!

Max and Gogo will go forward in life together, always.  Max and Gogo’s story has touched the hearts of every one of us here; in rescuing them we have watched them rescue each other too.

This is what rescue is all about for us. Teamwork. Loving people coming together, joining forces and saving lives. Paws2Freedom is so honoured and privileged to be a part of that.

Join us in following Max and Gogo’s progress as they begin their new adventures here in the UK. 

Max & Gogo a year later.... please click here. 




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