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Max ~ the Northern Inuit... this is his journey

Dear Paws2Freedomers,

Today we would like to show you a bit of our rescue work that happens in the background. Some of you already know that we sometimes work hand in hand with selected rescues and really value their help when it comes to saving the life of dogs when we ourselves cannot take them in. In short, if we can’t take a dog who needs to come out of his/her current home for whatever reason we don’t find it in our hearts to turn our backs, but instead we work our socks off to find a suitable place for this dog. 

So was the case with stunning Max here. Max is a beautiful 7 year old Northern Inuit from Devon who had lived with his family for many years, but sadly they were unable to keep him any longer due to Max’s worrying behaviour getting increasingly out of control. Max needed to find a place that matched our own ethics where even if his issues could not be corrected enough for him to be rehomed he would not be put to sleep, but be granted a sanctuary space instead.

We searched high and low for such a place that had free space for a large dog like Max. We have had our hopes raised and dashed a few times along the way. But in the end it was all for the best, because Max found just the perfect place! We organized his transport and voila!... Max’s new life has already begun. And he is doing really well too. Max is now living with a dedicated trainer who is assessing him and will work on Max’s issues until he is ready for rehoming. Tom his trainer likes this fantastic dog a lot already and is working on forming a close bond with Max as you can see in the pictures and little clip.


Max is extremely lucky to be under the caring wings of Doris Banham Rescue  who help so many dogs on death row. They rehome UK wide. Huge credit to all of you! Thank you with all our hearts for helping Max. 

We would like to invite you all to be part of Max’s journey here in this amazing album which will tell his story over time. Thank you for following this amazing dog’s story. We hope you will take as much delight in it as we do.

Your dedicated Paws2Freedom Team & Max

To be continued ...



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