Available for adoption Cornwall/Devon

Currently in a private shelter in Bosnia waiting for travel preps and travel to resume. Megan will be coming to us for assessment and rehoming.


Size: 40cm shoulder height approx

Sex: female

Age: 2 approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Temperament: Collie x Spaniel type, very friendly and human devoted

Child friendly: in all likelihood yes, but needs to be confirmed

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: not tested, but most likely not

Behaviour/Training needs: learning to sit, walking on the lead which she is very good at. Megan is scared of traffic, but daily working on this issue means she is already much improved.

Housetrained: yes, but a few accidents can be expected during the settling in period in a new home. 

Bloodtested: tested negative for heartworm, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis and lyme disease while in Bosnia

Ready to travel: at P2F in Launceston


Megan’s life changed in the summer of 2019. This was the time of her rescue. Back then Megan was roaming the streets of Modrica, a city in Bosnia. As a street dog Megan’s search for food and love was her constant battle every single day. Never to be won completely. In fact she was considered an untidy nuisance and people did not like to see an ‘eyesore’ such as Megan while they went about their daily business. Street dogs are mostly met by ignorance or worse … by violence and too many sadly don't survive this kind of life for very long.


Bojan who runs the Bark Ark rescue shelter was asked ‘to clean up’ the streets of dogs and Megan was one of them. To save Megan from ending up in one of the horrific kill shelters he went to save her instantly. Not much is known about Megan’s history. We don’t know whether Megan once had a home or perhaps she was a street pup who always fought for survival. However, we feel that her experiences with people could not have been all bad. Megan is such a kind and devoted dog which suggests that maybe once she had her own family to love and belong to or at least some kind strangers who showed her affection on the streets from time to time.


Being in a big and busy shelter is not a good long term life for any dog as it can be very stressful. Even with the best will in the world there can never be sufficient attention to go round for the more than 700 dogs housed in the Bark Ark. When we were shown Megan's picture we instantly fell for her beautiful face and wonderful nature. How could we say no to such a dog? Like all dogs Megan deserves her very own forever home. Where she is loved, cared for and truly wanted. We want to make this happen for Megan. And it was agreed for her to come to us here in Cornwall. This is Megan's chance!


Thank you for reading Megan’s story.


Megan will come to us here at Paws2Freedom over the coming weeks/months once logistics and resources allow. She will be looking for her very own forever home here in our area of Cornwall/Devon.


Thank you so much for reading this lovely girl’s story. If you are interested in Megan please keep an eye on our page/website for updates in the coming weeks.


If in the meantime you would like to help Megan with your support, she would welcome your kind donation and love.


With love, gratitude & paws from Megan and P2F ♥


Megan arrived at Paws2Freedom in September and sadly her home offer fell through for logistical reasons so she is looking again. 

Megan is a lovely little dog. She looks like a mini border collie and we are guessing she may be a chin spaniel cross collie. But we can only guess by her looks and behaviour. 

Once she gets to know her people she is quite a confident and curious doggy. She is friendly also with other dogs. Here she is sharing a space with 2 other female dogs and gets on with them very well. Megan also does like to do her own thing and true to her breed loves chasing small furries. Out on walks she sticks her little head into a lot of the warrens in the cornish banks and loves to sniff who may be living inside. She is a fun loving little minx. But also a climber and will need a very secure garden to keep her safe. We would be looking for a minimum of 5ft fence height for her, better even 6ft. She may not be a large dog, but she can jump given the right incentive. 

Being a young dog, Megan loves her walks and is a very active dog. She also loves her cuddles and being brushed and would also enjoy sofa time in a cosy loving home very much. 

Megan needs a calm, settled and understanding home without too many comings and goings or changes where she can relax and gain more confidence. She wants to trust with all her heart, but we are guessing that she had her share of abuse in her past.

Megan does not bark a lot or is in general a noisy dog, but she barks when guarding her garden or home. However, she stops when told to. She can be left for short periods of time, but if in the company of another, preferably fairly young, dog she can be left for a bit longer too. 


She has learned to respond to her name and has learned to sit. Her future guardians would need to continue her training by means of gentle and fun methods only. A good recall will be essential for Megan to learn. Being quite food and affection orientated it is fairly easy to train Megan, but she also has an independent streak and sometimes just refuses to 'hear'. 

We were advised by the bosnian shelter owner that before her travel Megan got bitten by another dog which had resulted in a lump on her belly. She arrived with blue antiseptic spray on her inner leg and belly. We had the lump checked by our vet. There was also another one a bit further away on her inner leg. She is being treated with antibiotics and both lumps have almost disappeared now. We just wanted to make her future adopters aware of this. Other than that Megan is lively and generally really healthy and happy.

Megan is a country girl at heart. When she first arrived she was petrified of traffic. We are walking her along a busy road for a bit every day and she has improved so much already and is now almost used to it. 

We would like to see Megan in a home with a large enough secure garden where she can play and be trained further. A 5 or 6ft fence would ideal to keep her safe. 

As for food, Megan loves her food! We don't recommend a kibbles only diet. She had this most likely all her life. In our opinion this type of diet may be convenient for us, but is pretty boring for the dogs. Here Megan is being fed a mix of Butchers tin food and chicken necks. We also add leafy greens and if we have had a donation of dried food we soak some to avoid the dogs drying out from the inside and add the mash to the mix. Megan loves the menu here and never leaves anything in her bowl. As mentioned previously, Megan shares a space with 2 other females here, but they all get fed in crates to assure they are relaxed and don't compete over each other's food. Megan is now crate trained if this was required in her new home.


She travels well in the car and is very friendly with people and other dogs if they are friendly with her.


Megan will make a wonderful and very loyal companion to the right person or couple. Taking Megan into your heart and home would be something you will not regret. She is just an adorable little girl. If you are interested in Megan or have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch ♥




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