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Moko having a sleepy under the blankets

Hello My Name is Moko! 

I am a Paws2Freedom Sanctuary Dog,

... and this is my Story ... 

Moko’s heartbreaking start in life began when he was abandoned at the vet’s after his owner discovered him in his yard, badly wounded after being shot. It was the middle of winter and Moko had been kept as a guard dog to protect the property while the owner was away. Which was often. So poor Moko rattled around in the yard all on his own without enough water or food. This probably caused him to bark in distress until one day someone shot him. Maybe because he got on their nerves or maybe just for fun target practice. Moko was left with a serious head wound and pellets all down his left side. His owners took him to the vet and abandoned him to his fate. Thank goodness the vet was very passionate about rescue and alerted a rescue organisation and we arranged for and sponsored his journey to us.


Moko was slowly integrated into our group of existing dogs and surprisingly formed a strong bond with our brave Spencer (who’s story you can also read in our album) and this bond, between these two hurt but healed souls, exists to this day.


Moko is a clumsy boy and very kind although he finds new situations a challenge and it takes him a lot of time to get to know strange people.


Moko's left eye suffered too much damage from the gunshots and could not be saved and he is now half blind. His eye is shrinking back in the socket, and is also prone to infection which we are vigilant about but at some point he will need to have it removed.


We tried hard to find him a home, but nobody wanted him as he is so big, the gunshot damage to his appearance makes him look strange (to some; we think he is beautiful) and has other health issues. He suffers from benign growths on his gums and has had a couple of surgeries already. What he has is recurring and another surgery on his gums will be due soon, He also suffers occasional 'hot spots' and skin allergies which need treating from time to time. So in the end, we decided that Moko would stay with us where he will live out his days in peace with his best friend Spencer. 

Moko has been with us for some years now and is about 12 years old. 


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