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Size: 50cm approx shoulder height
Sex:  male
Age: 15- 18 months approx (August 22)
Neutered:  yes
Vaccinated:  yes
Microchipped:  yes
Child friendly: yes, he interacted with the shelter owner's children of various ages when he was younger. As we had no chance to assess Monty ourselves we would prefer older children who know and respect a dog's boundaries.
Dog friendly: yes
Cat friendly: interacted with the shelter owner's cats and was ok with them. 
Temperament/Unique traits: friendly and very submissive with people. Monty takes a little while to gain trust before he comes out of his shell. Once out of his shell Monty is just adorable, affectionate and very waggy tailed. He has taken to home life ever so well. 
Behaviour/Training needs: general training and boundaries
House trained:  yes
Health:  tested negative for brucelliosis canis, leishmans, heartworm, lyme disease, anaplasmosis and ehrlichia before travel and passed his general vet check in the UK.

The vet we took him to has a special interest in bone and joint issues in dogs and recommended an x-ray to determine the state of healing of his left front leg and also his hindleg/hip which seemed to show an abnormality too. The x-rays also got assessed by an orthopaedic vet. Luckily Monty's hip is fine. His knee is slightly knocked out of place but not causing him any pain. Any surgery on this would most likely not help much. His front leg needs surgery. He has grown since the original surgery in Bosnia and the plate showed as too small with screws loosening. All of this causing him pain. So we decided to put this right for young Monty. 

Rescue story: Monty's rescue was a very sad situation. Bojan, the Bark Ark rescue shelter owner, got alerted to a dog in the yard of an addict who had the tendency to turn violent under the influence of alcohol. Monty was only a baby and his start in life was peppered with far to many beatings for no reason at all. That's what he knew as home.... He got beaten so many times that he ended up with a wound on his front leg which never got treated. It got badly infected and caused him immense pain. Monty's leg was terribly swollen when Bojan took him from the yard. Monty screamed in terror when Bojan approached and it took a lot of time and patience to get him into his car. Monty had a lucky escape! He was so scared and only skin and bones. A skeleton on legs! Before surgery he needed to gain strength and Bojan's family made sure he received the nutrition Monty needed. During surgery his carpal joint was fused and he can not move it. Sadly this was the only way to save his leg, but the pain is now almost gone (to be re-assessed in the UK as his not bearing his weight on either front or hindleg fully). Monty healed and discovered the fun in life, love and happy times. Sadly other urgent cases needed care and Monty had to be moved to the Bark Ark sub shelter which is run by the lovely Rada. Here he remained since last winter.