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A gorgeous mix of Barak Hound x Istrian Wire-Haired Hound x Bosnian Shepherd Dog (is our guess)

Nerine is currently in Cornwall and looking for a foster home or adoption.

🐾 Meet Nerine – Sea nymph. Nerine is a girl's name of Greek origin. It's inspired by the Nereids or the sea-nymphs of Greek mythology who symbolized everything beautiful and kind about the sea, even protecting sailors and their ships. Just perfect for this gorgeous dog whose beauty shines through ❤️🐕

Size: 60cm approx shoulder height

Sex: female

Age: 2 years approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: Yes, most likely, based on her temperament. However, we haven’t assessed Nerine with young children, so we are unable to consider homes with babies/toddlers or young children. Nerine can be like a big bouncy pup and may unintentionally hurt a young child. We are only considering homes with older (8+), dog-savvy children, please.

Dog friendly: Yes, Nerine was sharing a pen in the Bark Ark with many other dogs and was friendly with any dog she met here or at the vets. Nerine would do really well with another dog as a role model and playmate.

Cat friendly: not tested. 

Livestock/Other animals: not tested

House Trained: 

Nerine is incredibly clean in her current space, but to our knowledge, she has never lived in a home as we know it. Therefore, initial accidents may occur while she is settling into a new home, and we appreciate your understanding during this adjustment period.

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs: 

Nerine is a delightful blend of Barak and Istrian Wirehaired Hound, possibly with a touch of sheepdog in the mix.


At heart, she's a young and serene soul, though she can also exhibit moments of exuberance and playfulness.

This mellow pup adores cuddles and treats, her enthusiasm for food being particularly noteworthy. Nerine's in need of some guidance around boundaries, especially concerning anything edible.

Remarkably calm and hardly a barker, Nerine's peaceful demeanor makes her a joy to be around. In fact, we haven't heard her bark once during her time with us.

While she walks reasonably well on harness and lead, occasional pulling may occur, especially when food is involved or a bird to be chased! Patience and consistent training will be key to refining her lead manners, particularly in public settings with more distractions.

As with many dogs from overseas, Nerine's background remains largely unknown, necessitating a gentle and gradual introduction to life in the UK. With time and understanding, she's sure to blossom into a cherished companion.

Blood tested/Health: Tested negative for Brucellosis, Leishmans, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia and passed her general pre-travel health check. UK vet checked in Cornwall. Her ears needed treating and she is healing well. 

​Rescue story: Nerine was picked up as an abandoned stray and ended up in the crowded Bark Ark Shelter in Bosnia. 

Nerine's Ideal Home:

Cornwall/Devon Only please. 

Nerine longs for a settled home environment where she can gradually get used to domestic life as we know it. She thrives in a relaxed atmosphere filled with ample time, love, and patience - perfect for nurturing her gentle spirit.

Security is paramount in Nerine's new abode to ensure her safety, and prior hound experience would be of advantage. 

A spacious garden with a sturdy 6ft fence and gate, without any potential hop-ups, is essential for her exploratory nature during the settling-in phase and beyond.

In general Nerine is not a high energy dog who always needs to be on the go. In fact she can be quite lazy. But at times she turns into a super-playful pup and loves to run in very powerful strides

Given her need for decompression, a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle is preferred, providing the space Nerine requires. 

Barak hounds and their cross-breeds, once settled, transform into affectionate cuddle monsters needing gentle guidance, and in our opinion sweet natured Nerine will be no different.

Nerine loves the company of other dogs and would benefit from another dog as a role model and playmate. 

While Nerine's compatibility with cats remains uncertain (we are unable to test her with cats here), we are looking for a feline-free home, or adopters with prior experience integrating dogs and cats and a suitable set up,  in readiness for gradual introductions under our guidance. Our dedicated canine coach provides complimentary assistance to adopters/fosterers where needed.

Application and vetting processes apply. Please get in touch if you're interested in adopting Nerine; we typically respond within 24 hours. A Meet & Greet will be arranged after the application is approved. 🐾❤️

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