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NOAH - Barak Hound

"A special rescue dog with a beautiful name, full of promise for a safe and peaceful future ahead.

NOAH means Repose or Rest and Peace. In the Bible, Noah was known for gathering animals “two by two” and creating an ark of refuge. The personality of the name NOAH is said to be calm and patient, waiting for things to evolve instead of pushing for an outcome. They are good-natured and easy-going, and care deeply on an emotional and spiritual plane." A fitting name for a dog with Noah's past and faith in a better future.


Size: 50-55cm approx shoulder height

Sex: male

6-7 years approx (June 23). Noah was initially estimated as 10+ by the shelter abroad and to be fair he did look old and 'broken' as he was in such a terrible state. One of the worst cases we have seen. Now, just over a couple of months after his arrival in the UK Noah is a different dog! He is strong, lively, adventurous and full of life. His teeth may be a bit 'bitty' looking at the front, but they are looking healthy now with hardly any staining left on them. Dogs from abroad often suffer bad teeth due to the poor nourishment they receive. Barak Hounds are known for their longevity and there are some reports of them reaching the ripe old age of 19 or 20 years! 

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: yes, but Noah would prefer a quiet home where he can settle and be happy. He would prefer older children 10+ and visiting dog savvy children would be absolutely fine
 if they know how to respect a dog's boundaries.  

Dog friendly: yes very much so. Noah is absolutely fine with other dogs and could live with another dog no problem, but would also be happy as an only dog.  He is a dog who readily accepts other dogs without a problem, but is not usually playful with them. He has played with dogs here and one in particular, but where he is in foster he is not seeking play as they are not particularly playful themselves. When being grumped at Noah just doesn't react which is such a fabulous trait in any dog as he will just avoid any confrontation even if invited. He likes to do his own thing and enjoys the company of his people a lot.

Cat friendly: not assessed, but may not be an easy integration as Noah is a hound with many of their traits.

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs: 

Noah has been in our care for over 2 months before moving on into home foster. During his time with us here we concentrated mainly on getting his poor condition improved and some much needed weight on him. The real Noah started emerging as he got stronger and healthier. It was magic to see him evolve.

Noah loves affection and cuddles! He also doesn't mind to be brushed which is lovely. 


We have been socializing him with dogs and people, and he did totally amazing! Loves the beach, countryside and never a problem with any of the people and dogs we met. The worst we have ever seen was an annoyed bark when a dog jumped all over him, but never ever any intention to start a fight, not even when barked or growled at which some dogs do. 

He sometimes woofs a bit at passing traffic, but it's intermittent and not really with 'umpf' or passion.  We would say it's more a simple reaction to something moving fast. He is very easily controlled in that situation.

Here Noah lived in a summer house which does not really resemble home life. He has since moved into home foster and is doing really well within home life. Easy going with the group of dogs and his foster parents. He does not overly interact with the doggy gang, but is happy enough to be near everyone. Started enjoying the sofa and armchair too. Loves to be outdoors to explore.


Not really fazed by any household noises. 

He likes both his foster parents the same, just as he did here with us. Noah comes over for cuddles every now and again and really enjoys that.


Indoors he is toilet trained and was clean from day one, just as he was here with us.

Noah gets very excited at food. He loves it. Here we fed him on raw (Paleo Ridge, raw bones and also rabbit ears) and his foster parents are also raw feeders. He barks with happy excitement at the prospect of yummy food being dished up or any whiff of food which is the main cause of barking in his foster home. Other than that he is a very quiet dog, just as he was here. He never tries to take food from the other dogs and does not have to be separated at meal times. 


Noah can be left without a problem. So far this could only be tested in the company of other dogs as he never lived without other dogs. When his foster parents leave he just barks for a few seconds and then just walks off and looks at something else. It seems more that he wants to go to the garden or field than he’s upset at being away from them. He wants to explore everything.

During his journey back to health and strength we discovered Noah's passion for rummaging around in any hedges and his passion to explore. Now that Noah is enjoying home life he is much calmer and hangs around the gang more even though he still likes to go off and do his own thing. Being a hound this is is one of his normal traits. Here he just amused himself doing just that and barking at rabbit holes in the banks telling them to show themselves haha... which of course never happened. In his foster home now he loves to be outside where he likes to mooch and 'hunt' (never anything there to catch) with or without the others.


He’s settled ok. He sleeps regularly and well. Is good at night. 

It would be amazing if his new adopters would be able to channel his hound instincts in a controlled way by introducing Noah to certain games e.g sniffer and tracking games which most scent hounds adore playing. Or even joining a scent work club or introduce things like man trailing for example. Baraks are scent hounds and hot wired to follow their breed traits. Noah is no exception and gets so much fun out of it too. It's amazing to watch him in our hedges and he is really happy afterwards and ready to go back to his sleeping place and chew. 

Noah is generally not a noisy dog at all, but he can be a barker when he gets frustrated for example and when he does we distract him and he stops. He barks for attention too at times or when he gets impatient. As mentioned previously Noah loves to explore and standing still for long period is not his thing which he will let you know.  

General training will be very beneficial for Noah who is quite an independent yet gentle and affectionate soul. 

Noah loves his chews. Raw bones and furry rabbit ears are his absolute favourites! And they worked wonders for his teeth too which are now in great shape.

He walks quite well on a lead and only pulls when he gets excited and forgets himself for a moment. Noah is very easily controlled if this happens and gets back on track fast. 

House trained: Yes. Noah was very clean here and also in his foster home from day one. 

Blood tested/Health:

Tested negative for Brucellosis, Leishmans, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia and passed his general pre-travel health check as well as his vet check at our vet's here in Launceston. Noah developed kennel cough a couple of days after his arrival which is not usually a worry, but in Noah poor state we were very concerned. However, this amazing boy got over it and was clear after 2 weeks. We breathed a sigh of relief and are in awe of this dog's resilience. Such a fighter her is! 

Noah was in extremely poor bodily condition and needed gradually building up with good nourishment and gentle loving care. This took some time and as the weeks went by we watched him blossom. He is now fully recovered, strong and ready for adoption. When he first arrived Noah was literally a skeleton with fur, a total bag of bones the poor boy. One of the worst cases of emaciation we have ever seen! In addition his teeth looked stained, his eyes were very weepy and caked with a thick greenish discharge and we discovered a soft squishy mobile lump under one of his nipples. Weeks on....His weight is now perfect, his teeth so much cleaner and the lump is most likely benign. The vet was not worried about it at all and advised to watch for any changes.


Noah's claws were extremely long. More like talons rather than dog claws and the quick had grown with them too. We started carefully trimming and filing and it's a slow process we are working on to get his claws looking normal again. 


Today Noah is now a super friendly, strong, healthy, lively and adventurous dog. So much younger looking and behaving than when he arrived. A totally different dog! His fur is growing beautifully too and very soon he will look like the gorgeous fluffy breed he is. 

​Rescue story: Being a Barak Hound who was picked up as a stray we can only guess his past. Most likely Noah spent a lot of his life on a chain until he was considered of no use any longer, got heartlessly discarded and turfed out of what he knew as his home. Living as a stray is hard and Noah would have had his share of hardship and abuse. People complained about this 'unsightly' dog  so he ended up in the Bark Ark rescue shelter. Noah being the kind soul that he is was clearly not coping in the shelter where he was always last in line when food got provided and most of the time was left without. We were shocked when we spotted him in a video while we were looking at another dog at the time. So we decided there and then to help this poor boy and brighten up his future. Once we reserved him Noah was taken out of the shelter to a separate outdoor pen. They trimmed his fur best they could until the vet was able to neuter him and give him a full shave. Noah was already feeling better, but still had a long way to go. But what a beautiful dog there was under all this matted fur! His journey to a bright new future was about to begin...

We have documented Noah's rescue journey and healing in his album below. 

Ideal Home: 

Cornwall/Devon only please.

Rural or semi rural would be ideal. An active home which offers the stimulation he craves. He is looking for someone experienced with or at least realistic about hounds and their traits. His new home would need to be able to offer him a lot of time for attention and outings to avoid for him to get bored. Noah can offer great companionship and will need a settled, kind, sympathetic and loving home. Ideally with someone who is active and fit enough to provide for his now quite energetic and adventurous needs. We would not consider Noah suitable for the average older person, but we will consider each application individually. He will need a  large secure garden or access to some land that is securely fenced. Stock fencing will be fine if his adopters have a bit of land for him to explore. Noah would prefer to live with someone who can give him the time and guidance he needs to settle in and we ask everyone who considers giving Noah his forever home to read our New Dog Guide as this will need to be followed closely for the first few weeks especially to avoid any stress related behaviour. Even though a fairly balanced dog who quite easily adapts, after all the trauma and changes Noah's been through he deserves to be a big focus in someone's life. In general he would be happy in a home where someone could be around most of the time. He just loves to be close to his family. 


We have rehomed Barak Hounds before and they make lovely pets with absolutely super temperaments. They are in fact one of our favourite breeds. We are confident that Noah will be the same as we have experienced his wonderful nature here first hand and his foster home loves him to bits too. 


His adopters need to be patient and caring and be guided by Noah as to what he needs and when. As mentioned previously, a large enough secure garden where he can relax and potter around in is essential for Noah's happiness. Again, a rural/semi rural setting would be ideal as he won't cope well with the stresses of town living. If his new adopters lived near the coast that would be ideal, even though not essential, as he is much easier to walk on the beach than in the countryside where he gets distracted by anything moving or scents he picks up on in the hedges and undergrowth for example. He's simply being a scent hound and some traits are hot wired. 

Vetting process applies. Meet & Greet will gladly be arranged after the application was approved.

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