This is our very first bosnian rescue project and we are absolutely thrilled with the response we have received. The amount of interest in all the dogs so far has blown us away. We have received multiple applications from lovely potential adopters for the dogs and couldn’t be happier as they are all really promising ones.


The current Covid situation has severely delayed the dog transports and we have only just been able to start home assessments again which are a vital part of our vetting process. This means that the rehoming process is a bit slower for now.


We need to make everyone aware that in all likelihood there will be more than one applicant for each dog by the time the dog is able to travel to the UK. Our adopters and our rescue dogs mean the absolute world to us and we would like each experience to be as positive as possible. As they are dogs from abroad with largely unknown history, we feel it would be best for everyone, dogs and adopters alike, for the P2F team to meet the dogs first and get to know them before we decide on the most suitable home for each dog.

Unless you would like to find a dog to join your family extremely quickly we should, in time, be able to find you an alternative to your original choice if needs be. There are 700+ dogs in the Bark Ark Rescue Shelter and they are all hoping to be chosen. If we know your criteria for the dog you are looking for and you have passed your home assessment we feel there will be some alternative choices for you if your original dog has gone to a home already. Once we are at this stage we will then be able to reserve dogs for you.


We are planning our bosnian rescue project to be long term and there will be many more dogs throughout. Now that transports have resumed again the dogs will be arriving here in estimated groups of 4, depending on the spaces available at any one time. Transports will run approx every 4-6 weeks hopefully so the dogs will join us in fairly close succession.


Paws2Freedom is only a small foster home rescue and we will do what we can as far as our limited resources allow. We plead for your patience during this time. Thank you so much for understanding ♥

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