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Meet our Therapy Dogs Max & Max

After a lot of consideration and a lot of research we have identified a need for Therapy Dogs here in Cornwall. This is where people who are poorly, or lonely can be visited by us with one of our beautiful dogs to give them company, friendship and comfort. There are some charities that already provide this wonderful service and Paws2Freedom are taking great pride in doing the same since October 2018. Some of our dogs would make excellent therapy dogs with just a little training to make them suitable to visit hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and other care environments. Others of our dogs would still require more training. We have the support of a full qualified behaviourist who would assist us in this whenever needed.

We have our Max who is just a complete joy and he loves to be cuddled and get as much attention as anyone can lavish on him. Sadly in the past year that he has been with us nobody has come forward to adopt this beautiful kind dog. But we believe that things happen for a reason and Max's destiny will be to become a star therapy dog who will brighten up the lives of people who need a bit more joy, distraction and also inspiration.


In 2019 we are delighted to also introduce our 2-legged Dog Max into our therapy dog team. His nature is just so kind and gentle, albeit a little shy. He has already spent some afternoons with dementia patients in various stages of their condition and we are very proud of our boy. Being a dog who is dealing with his own challenges on a daily basis, he has already become an inspiration to many; including a human amputee. You can read Max's story on this site here and here.

Dogs are amazing in their way to connect with people; often through touch alone. And we are ever so excited and proud of both our Maxs and are hoping to add more dogs to our team as the year progresses. 

With all our hearts and paws we are inviting you to be part of this journey and the rewards of companion therapy dog work.

New Therapy Dog Appointment 10th Novembe
Wash Up in readiness for 10th Nov therap

Hello lovely Paws2Freedomers,

we would like to share with you some wonderful news about our slowly expanding therapy work. Our 2-legged miracle dog Max is now officially part of our therapy dog team! After some training and socialization he had his first assignment last weekend and it went really well. Max as a bit shy at times, but his natural curiosity and spirit won every time; and very quickly too. The residents loved him and Max enjoyed lots of cuddles, biscuits and cheese. Who can resist his angel face and soft fur ? He even got to meet a fellow amputee who really opened up when they met. It was so heart warming to see. Some lovely snapshots for you to enjoy and a little video clip as well. We are ever so proud of our special little boy and so very grateful to the team of the care home to be so supportive ♥️🐾

Dear Paws2Freedomers,

we hope you will enjoy this little clip of our Companion Dog Therapy afternoon at a local care home in late February 2019. We took little 2-legged Max along to bring joyful moments to the lives of dementia patients in various stages of their condition who often also suffer other illnesses too. His fur is so soft and his face so sweet ... everyone loved this wonderful little chap and listened in amazement to his tragic story with its happy ending. Max is admired for his fantastic spirit and he is an inspiration. We thank the staff and residents of the care home with all our hearts and paws for this opportunity and cannot wait to see you all again. With love and gratitude from Paws2Freedom & Max ~ Woof! 🐾
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