Garden Project

Dear Friends of Paws2Freedom

​We would like to thank you so much for all your support in the past years. Some of you know us from a long way back before we decided to become a charity and some have joined us more recently. We want to thank you all for believing in us and making rescue so rewarding. We could not have done it without you and are very proud to know you all!

At Paws2Freedom we would like the end of 2018 and during 2019 to be the time where we expand and can help more dogs. Our vision would be to renovate the house virtually entirely for accommodating more dogs in need of sanctuary and foster. While we also re-design our garden to make it more practical and suitable for the groups of dogs living with us. Over the past years and especially since last winter the fence is battered beyond repair and being next to a busy main road this has to have priority now. 

All the fencing will need to be built from scratch. It’s barely holding up due to the past winter's storm damage and age. Our rescue dogs need to be safe and secure. 

At some stage we would like to divide the large garden up so that all groups of dogs can enjoy outdoor fun at the same time, even if they don't really like each other that much.


Also we will need to replace most (not all) of the grass with concrete. 'Uuurrgh' you might say and we have been umming and ahhing a lot about this part too, but it rains such a lot here and we would like to avoid a mud bath for the doggies. And they come first.


Thank you all so very much for being part of our amazing Paws2Freedom family ~ with all our hearts, paws & waggy tails!


We have sourced options and prices which resulted in us deciding on feather edge fencing which will be sturdy, can be individually constructed to follow the partly very uneven ground in the garden space and be braced up to withstand the wind conditions in our area. 

With help of our treasured volunteers we managed to get quotes in have decided on Tinhay here near us which came out the cheapest and is also conveniently close.  

The fence will build the fence ourselves to save on labour costs. True to our ideal of all funds raised to benefit our dogs we are helping. You can see the Tinhay quote in the photo showcase below. Not included are nail gun hire and gates with fittings. We are considering the purchase of a second hand nail gun for future use. There will be plenty more fencing to be constructed later on within the boundary fencing. So we estimate the costs to be around £2.700 for this phase of the fencing. The fence will be constructed as post and rail fence with feather edge boarding attached to the three rails, see pictures below. 100 x 100mm 2.4m treated posts, 38mm x 88mm treated rails and 150mm x 22mm treated feather edge boards and 150mm wooden gravel boards which can be sawn to size, again in the most tricky areas of our garden, which sadly is far from regular + flat.

Again, to serve the dogs and with that to keep costs to a minimum throughout the whole project we will do the work ourselves. True to our ideals that donations should only benefit the dogs. Mark has the neccessary qualifcations to complete the work to a high standard and I will be his humble helper and some of our volunteers may want to help too. It will work out great! 


We worked it out that the boundary area spans 90 meters. This will be tackled first. As soon as we have enough funds to purchase the materials we will start and hopefully carry on step by step as fast as resources will allow us.  

If you possibly can, please help us by giving what you can spare to this worthy cause. 

You are able to either do this by bank transfer to our charity bank account: 

Barclays Bank


43627527 account number

20-50-40 sort code

For international Payments


IBAN GB15 BARC 2050 4043 6275 27


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This is why...
Our vision on a plan
Battered Fencing behind pallets
Battered Fencing behind pallets
Battered Fencing behind pallets
Battered Fencing behind pallets
Battered Fencing behind trees
Battered Fencing behind trees
Broken Fencing behind broken pallets
Broken Fence behind rickety pallets
Rickety Make Shift Pallet Fence
Broken Fence behind rickety pallets
Rickety Make Shift Pallet Fence
Fence is falling to bits here too...
Falling to bits
Rickety Pallets before broken Fence
This part is gone too.
Construct Feather Edge Fence
Feather Edge Fence
October 2018
Works have begun! We have raised £327 so far which will make a start. With the help of some of our dogs and a cheeky robin we had fun beginning the works :) 

In addition to collecting donations we will be running auctions and events over the coming months to help us with our project and the day to day running of the rescue. Please check out our fundraising groups and community charity page for more information on what's happening. We would love for you to join the fun!

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