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Paula - Adoption Offers on Hold for Now

Paula for Adoption

Hello! My name is PAULA and I am looking for my forever home! Please read my story! 

Size: Large 
Sex: Female 
Age: approx 2.5 years (summer 2018)
Neutered: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes 
Microchipped: Yes 
Child friendly: older children 10+ 
Dog friendly: Yes 
Cat friendly: Yes


Paula’s story is all too familiar to us, a helpless soul abandoned on the streets without her mum, left to take her chances. Paula is safe now but she needs a home of her own. A forever family to be at the centre of, with people who will love her and care for her. Could that be you? Could you welcome this beautiful girl into your heart and into your home? Your reward would be the loyalty and companionship of a truly stunning soul. 

Stunning Paula was just a puppy when she was spotted by a german friend of a romanian rescuer. Paula was trying to survive alone on the streets. To have to fight for food, find a clean puddle to get a drink from, hope that people will be kind enough to approach for some food and not be treated cruelly. This is harsh enough for any helpless puppy but Paula was also in a dangerous area of the city, close to a busy road and, worst of all, likely to be found and brutally caught by the dog catchers (some Romanian dogs never survive the cruel methods used to catch them). Florentina, her rescuer immediately went with her friend to find Paula and found, in Florentina’s own words ‘a very beautiful girl pup, a mix of German Shepherd Dog with lovely colours and an amazing nature!’ This dedicated lady took Paula into her home and that’s when Paula’s new life truly began. 

Since then Paula has flourished. She has grown into a strikingly beautiful young adult dog. Paws2Freedom has brought Paula to the UK where she is enjoying home foster in Cornwall while we help her to find the perfect forever home. Could it be with you? 


Paula has lived with us for some time. We promoted her, but sadly initially there was no interest in her at all. Along the way she became friends with our big boy Rocky who arrived last year and we were a bit reluctant to separate them. But we have realized that Paula shows a different side of herself when away from the group of dogs she is currently living with. She comes into her own with less dogs around her which inspire her to a competitive  behaviour. And we want to do what is right for her. So with a heavy heart (we love this goofy dog so much) we have decided to renew our rehoming efforts for Paula. 

Here she is living mainly as a companion dog for other dogs and has received only very basic training. Her future family would need to continue her training and in our opinion training/socialization classes would be hugely beneficial for Paula. Due to the life style of her foster home Paula has not seen much of what we would consider normal life. She was always welcoming to new arrivals and she did well when walked along a busy road. Her new family would need to be patient with her and show her their life in a gentle way and give her time to adjust. Paula tends to get shy in new situations, but her curiosity overcomes this very quickly. Being a German Shepherd cross breed Paula shows many of the GSD traits, including their size, even though she is not quite as heavily built. She is smart, loves to bark and is just so goofy and fun in her ways. Paula makes us laugh every single day with her playful antics and we are sure her future family will love having her as their loyal and fun companion. 

Like all our dogs, Paula is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.

If you are interested in giving this beautiful girl her forever home then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to contact us here on the page and we will get right back to you. 

Each one of us at the Paws2Freedom team thanks every one of you for taking the time to visit us and for reading Paula's story. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

Paula is currently cared for in home foster in Cornwall.

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