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PIP (Pippet)

Lurcher - Saluki x Greyhound  

The following profile is based on information provided to us by the previous owner and also the experience of Pip's foster parents who are really enjoying his company very much


PIPPET -  a name that implies a pioneering spirit who loves to try new things. A fitting name for this amazing dog. 

Size: large with very long legs, 70cm shoulder height approx 

Sex: male

Age: 4 years (DOB 21.12.2018)

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: yes but older dog savvy children of about 10+ Pip has lived with a child in his previous home who was 7 when he was rescued. He since had a temporary home with 3 children and was very unnerved by them. One calm older child would be fine. Pip just loves his peace. 

Dog friendly: yes. Would do well with another dog of similar breed who he could run around with

Cat friendly: true to his breed has a chase instinct and would try to run after a cat or squirrel. Never lived with a cat. 

House Trained: yes

Behaviour/Temperament/Unique traits/ Training needs: 

Very friendly sweet natured dog. Clumsy and leggy doggo who loves to run and play

True to his breed loves short bursts of intense and fast running, followed by some snooze and sofa time. 

Loves to sleep on human beds, armchairs and sofas.

Adores cuddles. 

Loves water - beach and lakes.

Not keen on sudden loud noises, eg gun shots or thunderstorms.

Can be a bit fussy with food and totally loves raw chicken wings. 

Pip knows basic commands, but his recall is not fail proof and given the right incentive he may not come back instantly. His foster parents are working to improve his recall and it's something his new adopters will need to continue. To keep him safe his new family would be advised to have a long training line ready. We will gladly advise as standard extending cassette leads are just not sufficient. 

His foster parents are taking Pip everywhere with them and he has been to the pub, beach and golf course where he met lots of new people and dogs and loved his outings. Pip has also been on a bus ride and wasn't too sure at first, but did really well once he felt a bit more secure. 

He can be left which happened for longer hours in his previous home. Pip is not crate trained and does not like them very much other than for transport which will be briefly and ok as long as the crate provides ample space for this big, leggy pooch. 


When Pip is new to your home we would ask you to follow our guidelines for new dogs. Hence a good size garden will be essential so that Pip has got somewhere to stretch his legs in during the initial days. 

Blood tested/Health: Health checked and no known conditions. 

​Rescue story: Pip is a UK rescue dog who was rescued as a pup and lived in his previous home for 4 years. Sadly due to a life changing accident they were unable to give Pip what he needed and had to make the heart breaking decision to do what's best for Pip and let him go to a new life. Pip has never known anything but love and kindness. He is currently being home fostered by one of our foster homes and is enjoying his time there very much. 

Ideal Home: 

Cornwall/Devon only please.


Pip would be looking for a home outside of a busy town. He will require space and a safe garden where he can run and play. 

His new family needs to be able to give him the time he needs and provide stimulation and an outlet for his young energy. 

He would love the company of another dog who he can run around with too


If his new adopters have breed experience with Lurchers that would be great. 

Our very experienced team canine coach will gladly offer his help and guidance with this and any other issues that may arise. This is free of charge for our adopters/fosterers.


Application and vetting process apply. Please contact us if you would like to adopt Pip. We usually reply within 24 hours, mostly sooner and if you don’t hear back please contact us again. Thank you ♥

Meet & Greet will gladly be arranged after the application was approved.

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