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Thank you with all our Hearts for considering becoming a sponsor for Baby. You can read more about this lovely dog on his Page.


here on our website


For your one-off sponsorship help you will receive a lovely Sponsor Certificate via email. And you will also get updates on Baby from time to time so that you remain part of her journey in life from now on. 

Scared, timid and traumatized Baby has escaped death row in a kill shelter only by a hair's bredth. She was one of the lucky ones. Baby has become a Paws2Freedom Sanctuary Dog some years ago.


In order for us to afford her care (food, vet costs and extras) we need help from kind hearted people like yourself. Our charity has to rely entirely on donations to help all those wonderful dogs to a happier future.


This donation is a one-off payment which is ever so much appreciated.

If you would like to set up a regular monthly or weekly sponsorship amount of your choice please don't hesitate to get in touch.


A huge THANK YOU from all of us at P2F and The Woofers you are helping!

Please become BABY'S Sponsor

  • We endeaver to dispatch within 7 days after payement has cleared and will send your sponsorship package by Royal Mail 2nd class post. 

    Many Thanks, Your Paws2Freedom Team 

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